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Well, here we are in 'blog-world', a new site and starting from scratch with a few selected thoughts on British politics, Brexit and some world affairs.   Previously, comments and opinions have ranged far and wide with more than a touch of cynicism but we'll start off with a gentler josh at some of the current goings-on and not too much political character assassination - yet.

It seems that most British politicians have headed for the hills on holiday and no doubt in support of their European colleagues in Brussels who spend most of their time in the hills busily filling in their expense claims.   But we won't dwell on that too much today as we want to set this blog rolling with a calm, thoughtful and relaxing style.  That won't last more than a couple of weeks so be prepared for an 'upping of the Auntie' (though heaven knows why Auntie should be involved in all this - but  that might be because I can't spell the meaningful version...).

Despite the holiday season the political parties are preparing for the conference season.  That's always the highlight of the early Autumn and we, the ordinary folk who make up the electorate, are likely to be once again bombarded with meaningless rhetoric, false promises, pledges to this and that that will seldom materialise and goodness knows an awful lot of anguished gush about how they are the only ones who can make things better !  Well, we all know how that's gone over the last century or so.

Perhaps this is all to do with the current state of play where political leadership seems to have become very fragile and incumbents made permanently nervous about being ousted.  I think the British do ousting quite well and the plethora of candidates for ousting - both leaders and minions - make this a jolly interesting season approaching.  Pens and keyboards at the ready.  We might, nevertheless, reflect a moment on this situation.  Why are there so many reviled politicians in our government (and everyone else's government if we take a quick scan at them) whom seem hell bent on embarrassing themselves with utterances and foolish remarks ?   Why also do we have a calibre of politician that lends itself to this public scathing, and why - this being the most important 'why' - do we, the electorate, actually vote for these people ?

The answers would be endless, I'm sure, but it begs the thought that this combination of ineptitude and apathy have led us into a political wilderness on an almost global scale.  Wherever you might look, national governments appear to be in a state of perpetual crisis, defending positions rather than leading forward.   Maybe, for us Brits, it's something to do with our changing culture, national identity and the often innocuous drift into values and beliefs that have no tradition or foundation (which some would argue is a rightful break in the rule and disciplines of our society whereas others might counter-argue that the very essence of our social, economic, religious and political woes stems directly from such a break).  The net result, of course, is that we are divided as a nation state - not just a 'for and against' division but a division with more facets than the Koh-i-Noor, complex and frequently misunderstood.  And that is a retrograde step in our long history which the political process is finding extremely hard to handle and learn about.

Yet wonky politicians add to the stuff of life and particularly for blogs.   There's no doubt that in the weeks ahead, Brexit, conferences, personalities and occasional foreign upstarts will colour these pages nicely. 

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