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Has anyone noticed how the most trivial infractions of our obsessively politically correct society make the 'righteous brigade' jump onto their bandwagons and berate the rest of us with their views and opinions ?  I'm looking at the Clark's shoes farrago that has raised absurd accusations of dangerously defining gender roles in our young !  What tosh these self appointed guardians of public opinion speak, pretending they have some innate expertise that sets them above mere mortals.  Unless anyone hasn't noticed, girls and boys ARE different and we should celebrate that and recognise that this gender distinction is the very fabric of human society.  It's nothing to do with discrimination, it's to do with allowing youngsters to be young and free until such time as THEY can make their own informed decisions.   Our excessively non-offensive culture with these people spouting out their indignation should oblige them to reflect - because if we don't we're going to end up with some very weird people populating our land in the future (and we probably have enough already).

It seems the Prime Minister is back from her holidays.  I wouldn't deny anyone a well earned break but it seems to me that with Brexit planning having already wasted 14 or so months prevaricating, hand wringing and teeth gnashing you might reasonably have imagined that the cabinet would have continued - along with its cohorts of faceless civil servants - working on this vital issue throughout the summer.  Am I being unreasonable ?  After all, they wanted to be in government, they forced an unwise election to try and validate it and then they, shall we say, scarpered off on their holiday escapes.  Perhaps I'm missing something vitally significant here but to me it underscores the increasingly strong thought that we actually do not have a proper government in situ right now.  What we do have is a collection of individuals occupying government posts who broadly have little faith in their leader, dislike each other rather a lot and petulantly mislead each other with either no communication at all or a bare minimum of it.

I guess only a small handful of folk know whether there'll be a challenge to the Prime Minister's leadership but unless a firm hand is put to the tiller the evidence points to a deepening chaos in the approach to Brexit negotiations.  That'll no doubt suit the Tony Blair's and John Major's of the old political world and likely legions of Remainers who feel as if they've somehow been cheated out of the deal they wanted.  But Brexit has to continue both legally and constitutionally and our negotiators need to have strategies and Plan B's at hand throughout those negotiations.  If the EU won't play, then neither should we.  To achieve this we need a united and firmly resolved government, not some shambolic collection of self-interested plotters.  Get to it guys - for the moment you're all we've got....but don't bank on that not changing.

Over in Trumpland we have witnessed the most astonishing and horrifying display of racial tensions in the US.  Is Charlottesville a unique one-off or is it the underlying tone throughout the country ?  To add to this we see the President behaving very cagily about his condemnation of all sides involved which serves to remind us that his core voting base comes from the disadvantaged white working classes of America - and there's probably close on 200 million or so of them - whom he promised to protect and ensure that they would have jobs in his quest to 'make America great again'.  His dilemma, of course, is in controlling them without alienating them.  Whether he has the savvy to get to grips with that problem we'll have to see - but he hasn't given anyone  any indication of confidence in his abilities as a global statesman to date.  How his dealing with the North Korea situation pans out will be a vital test of America's views on how he'll handle the aftermath of Charlottesville (that's if we all survive the North Korean crisis !).

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