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The Western world seems to have a crisis of authority.  If I look around at the so called movers and shakers leading Western nations then quite a few give a very strong impression of being very much not in control of either their country or their strategic direction.  Take Theresa May - here we have an example of a leader telling us that she is in command and getting on with the job whilst almost everything she touches turns into either a crisis or a tale of mismanagement and poor judgement.  In Germany, Angela Merkel is struggling to form a government four months after the election because she cannot find a reliable parliamentary partner to set up a coalition with - the Iron Lady of Europe is, for the time being at least, something of a caged force, and lacking the expected support and authority she (and Europe) needs.  Emmanuel Macron in France still has the far right nibbling at his coat-tails as a fresh wave of feeling for radical government emerges, whilst that same wave of emotion has put Sebastian Kurz, a far right winger at the helm in Austria.  In the US we have the infamous Donald Trump who seems to create a dispute every time he opens his uncontrollable mouth and then compounds his felonies by saying even more stupid things than he started off with. 

These are the leaders we have.  What they represent, however, is a collective that creates uncertainty and a lack of confidence in leadership.  And this is occurring at a moment in time when the very essence of the Western way of life is under intense scrutiny on matters of security, environment, finance, equality, freedom, tolerance and sustainability.  Whether this is just an anomaly or a blip in the course of events is unknown but it affects us all in lots of different ways.  I’ll pick our own UK as a current example of poor leadership having a drill down impact upon key decisions being made....

...with the Brexit debacle consuming so much of governments attention, weak leadership and poor political management has led us to the position of being the under-dog in the negotiations with the EU, passive in our control of rebels and detractors and quiescent in allowing vocal parliamentarians to steer the national emotion.  So much so that we now have the architect of Brexit, Nigel Farage, declaring that he believes a second referendum on EU membership is looking more and more likely due to the disproportionate influence of Remainers both in government and parliament who are rocking the boat.  That we have a prime minister who is letting this dynamic unfold without asserting her authority and managing the business properly is testimony to the almost complete lack of authority she commands.  No respect, no confidence and no faith in the leadership enable wrecker factions to operate freely and subvert what little semblance of democracy we have.  And if it can happen here it can also happen elsewhere throughout the free world.  And that is the danger to our accepted way of life.  If it were to all fall down, both good bits and bad bits, the world would enter a new Dark Age.  Melodramatic, perhaps.  Just think of the alternatives out there before you judge.

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