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Well now the horses mouth has spoken - Michel Barnier pulls no punches and tells us Brits that without customs union there will be trade barriers for the UK doing business in the future EU.  Perhaps we should be standing, mouths agape at the shock reality of this - but no, anyone with a mind to think about these things will have long since realised that the customs union is the EU’s Maginot Line and is intended to intimidate and present a hurdle for any would be miscreant to surmount - painfully.  And then we have Mrs May, repeating for the umpteenth time that Brexit means we will not be in the single market or the customs union.  So there’s no problem, you might think...Barnier says ‘non’ and Mrs May says ‘no’, so why is there such a fuss ?

The concept of disbelief in ‘Fuss’ derives from the past experiences of politicians saying one thing and doing another.  Their favourite past-time.  In short, few truly believe that Mrs May’s ‘no’ to customs union isn’t a political ploy for the government to engineer something similar but called something different.  A bit like ‘Brexit in all but name’.  Okay, that’s possibly a bit cynical, you might say, but if we are honest, how often have you heard the government do one thing and then promptly do the opposite ?  That old chap on the parish council in The Vicar of Dibley who won renown for his catch-phrase of ‘No, no, no, yes !’ comes readily to mind.

’Fuss’ is also closely associated with trust and confidence.  When the latter two labels have reached a low point amongst the electorate then the former label starts to gain ascendance.   Mrs May has a long way to go to regain the faith of the nation and if she rests back in the belief that she is safe because the rest of us fear Corbynism then she really should buck her ideas up.  Nobody is that safe, Mrs May.

There’s lots of Brexit stuff yet to happen.  We’ll all need to observe carefully if we’re to avoid deception by label name.

El Trumpo has declared the NHS is broke and not working.  How astute of him to make this observation for us to understand things more clearly.   He was, of course, bluntly using the NHS as an example of how universal healthcare systems don’t work efficiently or within budget so that he could launch his missile attack upon the Democrats who think that if Obamacare is going to be dismantled then universal healthcare should be the alternative.  In Trumpland who is to say what is right or wrong or pink and yellow (I hesitate to use the traditional B & W analogy in case some zealot tries to sue me for being a Nazi or something equally distasteful to their raw sensitivities).  However, if Trumpy had given his mouth time for his brain to engage then he might have found a more suitable example to cite given his recent bon homie visit to these shores.  Nothing like insulting your so called friends, eh, Trumpy ?

As a complete aside to Trumpy’s utterances, has anyone studied photo’s of the First Couple recently.  I haven’t seen one where Melania Trump (if that’s who she really is) smiles or even looks neutral when she’s beside Trumpy.  If expressions could kill she’d be a great hit-person (see, I’m learning about PC lingo) so from hereon I’m going to refer to them as Trumpy and Grumpy. I wonder if Trumpy is the missing eighth dwarf ?

Am I alone in being astonished at how much media space is being used to talk about LGBT issues ?  What’s going on ?  I’m all for reasonable debate and discussion on all matters but we seem to be being exposed to a constant barrage of interviews, headlines, stories and cultural reform pressures that have elevated this particular group into something quite akin to a parliamentary pressure group.  On the whole I’m pretty open minded about a wide range of things but every newspaper, every tv channel, every book in Waterstones (exaggeration), every social do-gooder seems to be on some sort of manic trip to appease and validate the whole raison d’etre of this group.  Equality is good - in principle - but let’s not abuse the good intentions that word engenders by overdoing the message.


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