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Perhaps with some predictability we are seeing the warring factions over Brexit emerging into the daylight.  Brexit was never going to be an easy process but it is nevertheless the legally mandated process for the government to follow.  If law, the precedence of law in fact, means anything in our democracy then it should be followed - but we now live in an age where ‘law’ has a completely different interpretation by most of British society.  Now we have every individual making their own judgements about which laws they choose to obey and those that they are prepared to flaunt.  I think there is still a sense of right and wrong in the majority which guides and sets parameters to most behaviours but equally I believe we are being led down a path by those with different agendas where the majority are being heckled, coerced, intimidated or even bribed to adopt revised mores and behaviours.   In short, there is growing encouragement to not abide by the law.  Why ?  Because much of our law can no longer be enforced.  And it is the enforcement of law, the appropriate and just policing of the law that shapes a society.  What we are beginning to see now is a corruption of that societal shaping.

There are still a few, only a precious few laws, that most people accept as sacrosanct and those mainly relate to the protections of property and personal wealth - the bedrock of capitalism you might say.  In many other areas, there is little absolute regard for the law - and Brexit is a prime example of this - with individuals, groups and organised campaigns actively exhorting the wider population to rebel against the mandated law and overthrow a parliamentary and legislative function.  Now some can argue that it is our democratic right to challenge government and to campaign for amendment or change to any legislation that might be widely regarded as not in the public interest - and that is so, but that is also what parliament is for.  If we descend into a society where everyone with a grudge or a grievance can unreasonably exert influence over others to follow the trend then we have lost the rule of law.  And that is happening over Brexit.

The warring factions are ignoring parliamentary democracy (which I accept is not perfect but it is what we have for the time being) the result of which is that we approach decision making by mob-rule, we adopt the style of the French revolutionaries of two centuries ago and introduce chaos.  And if anyone can deny that Brexit is in a state of chaos, then shout it out.  The chaos is creating uncertainty in both political and commercial camps, the financial markets are jumpy and interest rates are undoubtedly set to rise further and on a more regular basis as the instruments of inflationary control try and bring order back.  We might not like the sound of ‘order’ but it is exactly the mechanism by which most of us lead our lives.  Sacrifice it at your peril - even if you don’t like it that much.

So let’s stop carping on about the rights and wrongs of Brexit because nobody actually knows what those are and nor does anyone know whether the EU has the wherewithal to survive its bureaucratic systems any longer and provide the baying Remainers with the satisfaction they think is their right to have.  Brexit needs to proceed, that is the legal choice made by the majority in this country, but we need it to proceed without the doomsayers voices of those who disagree with it.  And if those who disagree with it feel so strongly, then they should campaign through their chosen representatives in parliament, not on tv, through the media and through scaremongering or insult.  If they win using those tactics then there will truly be chaos and nothing much else.

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