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Mrs May has declared an unusual step on Brexit matters which will surely take her and some of her colleagues out of their comfort zones.   Public announcements will be made on what the governments position and policy on Brexit will look like as the Phase 2 negotiating period commences next month.   If we can believe the words then this will be a first for the May administration - a public airing of what the government wants to achieve and, no doubt, a public airing of how much it will bend to EU demands and the break point at which a 'no deal' outcome would be the only outcome.

I somehow think that our expectations on what the PM and carefully selected ministers will say is probably optimistic as the likelihood of a precise and meaningful revelation is (a) out of character with this government, and (b)  probably not a coherent message even within the government itself.   I don't wish to pour scorn on what could be an attempt to inform the public about what the negotiations will entail - we've long clamoured for that - but recent history has taught us to not get our hopes up too high, for governments that make statements about the future usually assail us with a barrage of cliches from the past - remember, 'strong and stable', 'I have been very clear...', 'we are going to get back control', 'I am in the driving seat' and 'the cabinet is completely behind my strategy...' - all of which is Westminster goop for saying many words without saying anything at all.

We shall have to see what the PM and her ministers reveal as some of these will be Leavers but most will likely be Remainers in the ideological and political sense.   I'd love to hear a unified message with at least a good dollop of toughness toward the EU embodied in the language - but I fear we shall not.

The obsession with sex in all its manifestations has yet again reared its head - now amidst the charity sector.   I'm beginning to wonder if I've lived on a different planet somewhere these last decades as the current spate of allegations, revelations and disclosures from Hollywood to the Congo are painting a picture of depravity and moral irresponsibility that has somehow suddenly alarmed the sanctimonious and priggish senses of the righteous brigade to rise up and preach politically correct doctrine to everyone else.   Whether the sex argument has to do with orientation, gender adjustment, harassment, rape, abuse, violence, gender rights and equalities - call it what you will, our Western world reaction to some of these gratuitously 'revealed sensations' is knee-jerk in the extreme.   Again we can look at the media in all its forms - and that includes blogs like this - as being the source of these revelations coupled in some cases (though by no means all) with harpy like zeal being expressed and shouted from the rooftops.   This makes great copy for media outlets but is it the true reflection of what our country has become to look like?   Abuse of sex in any sphere is patently wrong and should never be condoned by either the authorities or the wider public.   Culprits should be weeded out, for sure, but it is worrying that the court of public opinion is again attempting to steer the official reaction to the apparent problem.  I'm a great believer of the fact that we have laws derived over the centuries to act as the parameters to our behaviour and it should be the law that engages with these revelations to bring to justice those that have transgressed.   If we allow for kangaroo court views to gain dominance we have forsaken the rule of law in this country - and that is a bad road to follow.   We may not like many laws but we have a process to bring amendments to that about.   We should not bow to the gratuitous appetites of some organisations and individuals to revel in the very word 'sex' and force our reactions down a progressively politically correct and extremely unhealthy path.  We have laws for a reason - and that's to raise us above the level of the swamp.  

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