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With the time shortening before the EU summit, our government flounders over the customs union question.   The Brexiteers are firmly against either of the options proposed by Mrs May - either a streamlined customs arrangement or a customs partnership - and quite rightly point out that either of these choices would effectively make Britain a continuing EU rule taker and thwart our ability to strike trade deals elsewhere (not to mention the cost of us subscribing to such ideas).   The Remainers are, of course, pushing for one or the other because acceptance of either would effectively continue our membership of the EU.   The real fly in the ointment, of course, is the dastardly EU itself - who also think both of these options is unacceptable to the EU.   So why is Mrs May getting exercised about something the EU won't accept anyway ?  Part of the reason is her reliance upon the DUP's support and that means having a workable solution at the Irish border that they will go along with - a noose that the PM wantonly put her own head into by trying her luck at the polls last year.   Another reason is that as a Remainer herself she is only paying lip-service to the expectations of the Brexiteers.   I doubt whether Mrs May has ever wanted to leave the EU and although she has the mandate to make it happen just about everything her government officially does is designed to make that likelihood as distant and watered down as possible.  And a watered down Brexit can be manoeuvred back into full or associate membership of the EU.   And she knows the EU would accept that proposal.   So, we have a lacklustre government going through the motions of Brexit whilst in the wings everything the government is conspiring is pro-EU membership.   The chances of her caving in on the Brexit mandate are huge.  The chances of her adopting a line that the EU will favour as well as the Remain camp are equally huge.   The only chance that the Brexiteers have of winning the day is in deposing Theresa May and sacking her toadying acolytes.   Will that happen, I wonder ?

I see that the perpetually smiling Emmanuel Macron still has labour and union problems besetting his ambitions to be the top-dog in Europe.   Not least amongst these is the dispute with Air France who threaten to bring the whole business down in flames unless their wage and social demands are met.   As the national emblem of France around the world will Macron be allowed to let this eponymous image of his country fail ?   He's playing it tough - for the time being - but every French president since De Gaulle has found that battling with the unions has led to government climb-downs.   Maybe he'll ask his new best friend, a certain Donald Trump, to give him some support.   Yeah, that's going to happen, isn't it ?

Trumpy himself is set on crashing out of the Iran Nuclear Agreement in his characteristically Twitterised comments of it being 'nasty and decayed'.   Mind you, he thinks everything the Obama administration brought in can be described in that way.   As always, his true objectives are hard to distinguish; I still cannot quite work out whether he has a uniquely clever approach to politics or he just blunders through it hoping that some spin-off will be seen as a victory.   

The forthcoming royal wedding is gathering a pace.   Bristling Brock is at a loss as to what should be worn on this joyous occasion - even though he has no invitation.   Yet it'll be a grand day for all for despite Britain's political woes the role of the monarchy is still important and we should all enjoy every minute of the wedding day.  

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