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The Royal Wedding has created something quite extraordinary.  Not only was it a display of love and commitment by two young people but it was also a message to the world at large that there are some things that rise above the differences, prejudices, misunderstandings and envies between the worlds peoples and nations.  We could rightly argue that the British are pretty good not only on organising such events as royal weddings but we excel at the messages these create to others - that whatever differences we all may have, and there are unquestionably many, there are ways in which we can draw those differences in and live more peacably together.  Inevitably, things are never quite that simple but it shows that if we try we can find ways to unite and come together to tackle some of the worlds global problems.  I’ve not always been an ardent monarchist but the emergence of this new generation of royals poses a new way ahead and a growing support for the institution and its role in the world.  In the meantime, congratulations to Harry and Meghan - they are in the vanguard of the new royal initiative.

A brief blog for now.  More of the usual from tomorrow.

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