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The PM has whisked herself off to Canada to sit at the G7 talks whilst one of the biggest crises of the Brexit saga remains unsettled at home.   One can't but help believe that she has sought some sort of sanctuary in Ontario to avoid the bombardments back in Westminster.   That said, I suspect she might get a different sort of roasting whilst at the G7.

Mrs May appears to be single-mindedly pushing for a customs arrangement with Brussels at any cost - just for the sake of getting some sort of agreement - good or bad - and looks increasingly as though she has given up on the whole thing and will just agree to any Brussels demand.  No wonder David Davies and Boris Johnson are seething under the potential prospect of Britain signing up to a deal which the pundits now describe as 'The Hotel California Solution' - we check out of the EU but we don't actually leave its framework and strictures (and let's not forget the mind numbing cost) purely to satisfy the anomaly of the Irish border.   As an aside, I remain gobsmacked at the expectation of the EU and of Ireland itself for Britain to resolve the border question whilst doing absolutely nothing about it themselves and using the Good Friday Agreement as the excuse.  Absolute tosh !   Britain is leaving the EU.  Period.   If the government of Ireland wish to have some special arrangement - to suit them as much as those in Northern Ireland - then they should start getting practical and realistic darn soon.   But Ireland will do what Brussels wants - anything to screw the British position in Brexit talks.

And that is where we are headed, in the most convoluted and tortuous way.   Britain's weakness at the negotiating table, its poor leadership exemplifying a true lack of grit in the national interest, its ability to make endless concessions and a fundamental desire not to actually leave the EU all have led us to this dead-end canyon with almost nowhere to go.   The divisions within the Tory party over which way to turn - dead-end A or dead-end B - tell us on the outside that the government has lost complete control of the Brexit process.   They want Theresa May out but they know that that exposes them to a possible Labour victory in the election that would ensue from such a coup.   And that threatens them and their careers.   The past has taught us nothing about wise governance by dedicated professionals.   We are stuck with a Westminster cartel that is so bound up with its own vested interests that the rest of the country can go and whistle Dixie !  Heaven forbid we capitulate to the EU.   History will never forgive us for that.

Trumpland continues in its abrasive and fickle ways.   The imposition of tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium will no doubt be a key item on the G7 agenda but to confound everyone old Trumpy has declared he won't be there for all of the talks - he's busy making America great again !  So, the remaining G6 will witter on about what retaliatory measures they may take against the US and the response from Trumpy will be something along the lines of 'Try your worst and see who wins !'   Whatever we may think of Trump, he does tend to get his way, eventually.  I'm not entirely convinced that's entirely down to him or just circumstance but when the biggest economy in the world goes its own way, generally there's not much able to curb its progress.

Still in Trumpland, I smiled at his recent description of Theresa May behaving like a schoolmistress in response to some of his recent antics - an attitude that he obviously doesn't like.   So we have a maverick as President on the one hand with a gauche, awkward and inept PM on the other and an expectation by the latter to achieve some sort of special trade deal with the former.  I'm not sure who's kidding who here.  But expanding on Trumpy's character I see that James Comey is heading to Britain to promote his book on Trumpism and also to assure us Brits that not all Americans are like the President.   Still maintaining that Trumpy is a crook, an idiot and a morally bereft character he is no doubt prepping for a crack at the presidency in some years to come.   As for Trumps style and manner then in some respects we could have well used his bullish style at the Brexit table rather than fielding a bunch of wet and indecisive diplomats.   What a world !

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