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Well, all of a sudden the government have published an initial paper on the ECJ's jurisdiction over Britain after Brexit and will publish more on the other sticky issues later this week.  David Davis declares them as a significant move forward and a confidence booster for industry in their investment desision making.  Maybe the reporting has been rather 'thin' (or maybe I'm becoming dim) but I don't see anything substantive in the proposals being made, rather a statement of a few generalities.  I really hope I'm wrong for we certainly need a negotiating platform to thrash the exit out successfully.  Messrs Barnier and Verhofstadt will no doubt be excitedly waiting to hear our opening remarks when negotiations re-start on Monday next...we must hope they don't fall asleep.

I also notice that some of the overseas channels are interviewing Nigel Farage again.  The British media seem to be keeping him somewhat at arms length.  I confess to enjoying listening to him - he's that breath of fresh air, charisma, enthusiasm and passion that we seldom see in our establishment politicians - and on many subjects (though not all) we hear a good dollop of common sense and practicality.  Many will regard him as an unsavoury, non-PC racist and bigot, but consider beneath that contrived description created by an often much biased media and you will find - when you properly analyse the realities of some of what he says - stratagems that hold water.  I often wonder what he would be like as part of the Brexit negotiating team !!!

American warships seem to be getting into the habit of bumping into other, more solid objects over the last few years with the US Navy's explanation being, both surprisingly and alarmingly, that they haven't enough ships and resource to do everything that's been asked of them in more highly trafficked waters.  If that's truly the case does this signify that the world is getting progressively more dangerous and requiring ever more physical security ?  It would be easy to imagine this is so, but it also suggests that the super power that is the US does have a limit to what it can do to contain international unrest.  It's resource, once considered infinite, may just be reaching that bursting point.  We must hope that this is not a tipping point where anarchy will triumph over democracy.



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