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On the face of it the UK government has survived a further rebellion over the extent of parliamentary influence there shall be on whatever Brexit outcomes are achieved.   But let's not be under any illusions; Brexit as a negotiating process to leave the EU has been appallingly handled by our government and has been appallingly responded to by the EU and the resultant deal - if there is one - will be a compromise of such astonishing incompetence and fudged deliverables that we shall, as a country, suffer the consequences for a long time to come.

Add to this the new Tory declaration that it will increase taxes across the board to fund the deficit in the NHS and a recipe for political suicide emerges crystal clear.  A government that has lost - no, I'll re-phrase that to 'has never had' - control over Brexit affairs and has a hugely misguided view of how the economy works, of how social engagement impacts upon political choices and decisions does not deserve to be our government.   With these behavioural traits, an inability to actually see what is happening before their eyes and a bizarre conviction in their own superiority the Tory government has willfully ambled into a dead-end canyon from where there is nowhere to turn.  The tragedy of this, however, has wider ramifications.   Not only will the Tory government and possibly much of its Party credibility be washed away, but we shall open the door to a socialist government that has an equal absence of grasp about economics, world affairs and our future trading options outside of the EU.  Their vision of some Utopian society where everyone gets a fair deal is as improbable as flying pink elephants cruising by - but their sense of ideology triumphing over human nature is resolute, their faith in humanity profound, their conviction that they have the answers unshakeable.  It's all very nice to imagine - but let us be realistic.  Such a model in the 21st Century is still a dream.  If it happens in the next century or so that'll be great, but here and now this is not the platform of governance we need.  A wider ramification of the Tory dead-end position is that the EU will wipe the floor with the UK over trade, security, scientific co-operations and many other areas of mutual interest.  Such a move will not in any way benefit the remaining citizens of the EU, it will only pander to the 'Living on Cloud 9' bureaucrats in Brussels.   Expand this concept and we might be witnessing the start of a general European political and social collapse - not of a total extinction level but a fracturing of political and social collaboration that can only be damaging for all - events in Italy, Poland and Hungary in particular point to such a trend possibility. 

Trumpy has backed down on immigrant family segregation - possibly due to some First Lady pressure - but his foreign policies with trade tariffs, sanctions and protectionism resound with the strategies of the early 20th century when America thought it could go-it-alone.  The world now is even more volatile that a century ago and isolationism will not pay the US any long-term dividends.   Globality, the need for international understanding and trade are endemic to every country on this Earth and gestures signifying the unreliability of the US on the world stage will only provoke wider distrust and negativity.   Trumpy needs to recognise, as does his administration, that being a superpower comes with responsibility.   If you want to be the top-dog then you need to make sure that all the 'mongrels' around you are not biting your feet.   I'm not sure he's grasped that notion yet.

Am I alone in wondering whether the World Cup is in some way being orchestrated by Russia.  Self evident, you may say, the Russians are the hosts, but at some subversive level we can see how the outcome of this competition might be being steered.  I doubt there's little that can be done to counter this but I'd be surprised if Russia doesn't turn out to be the overall winner.

M'sieur Macron, the suave Frenchman, apparently likes being addressed by his title, 'M'sieur le President'.   In an age where a more liberalised approach to addressing anyone has become customary, M'sieur Macron wishes to uphold standards.   It's more to do with him than French society but it does raise the vision of any standards that we once held dear being eroded away by generational casualness and disrespect.   If a society becomes institutionally disrespectful then maybe we all lose something of our dignity and self esteem.   Counter to media opinion, I'm with M'sieur Macron on this one. 


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