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After a month away from (or at least ignoring) the world's political squabbles, old Bristling Brock has returned to the fray.

Regrettably, even a month away has not given me much new hope as I scan the goings-on of Westminster in particular and assorted other places around the world.   The reputations of politicians globally seem as grubby as they ever did - in some instances moreso.   It reminds me of what our historians described of events both leading up to and in the aftermath of the English Civil War some three and a half centuries ago where suspicion, dogmatic belief (of any persuasion), corruption, instability, dishonesty and arrogance were just as rife then as ever they are today.  So what might this tell us ?   Bristling Brock has long held the view that as a human species we have learned a great deal over the era's of history past yet we have not evolved greatly in human terms and in our mental attitudes and responses amongst social groups.   We are still fundamentally self-interested (some notable exceptions, of course), increasingly inward looking I would say, self-protective and more often than not prepared to dodge blame and point the accusatory finger elsewhere irrespective of the hurt that might result.  We are competitive, aggressive and to a certain extent greedy and avaricious.   All these are the negative attributes of mankind that history has seen, almost without change, for the past 4,000 or so years.   But let's not be entirely gloomy - mankind has some good points as well, but in the political world we seldom see much evidence of this.   The 'poor' (I'm reluctant to use the word 'bad' so indiscriminately) transcends the 'hopeful' in our political climate.

To illustrate, we have the ongoing farce of Brexit or No Brexit, a dictatorial but unwise PM making her ever changing cabinet look like a lap-dogs tea party, we have a Labour Party mired in accusations of racial and religious bias (sounds just like this should be the 1640's to me), we have everyone in positions of supposed influence bending over backwards to accommodate minority viewpoints and we have misinformation - 'Fake News' as the trans-Atlantic blond bombshell would have us think.  Abroad, there are continuing atrocities being perpetrated by all factions in the Middle-East, there are 'elections' trying to veneer a patina of respectability over unquestionably corrupt administrations, we have famine, we have migratory exodus occurring on an almost Biblical scale, we have natural disasters that are looking Apocalyptic and we have political unions (we cannot complete such a catalogue without mention of the EU, can we ?) that are beset by dogma, corruption and inefficiency that are monumental in scale (again, the 1640's come to mind...).   The list can go on and on and it would be wrong to say everything is going pear shaped - there are many good things happening on the fringes - but there is an ongoing trend of human frailty that we never ever seem to rise above.   

Perhaps humankind has been deliberately wired to be this way.   Perhaps, viewing humankinds relatively short span of existence in the history of the world, we are just at a very early stage of our evolution and need another few millennia to elapse before we reach a position of some dignity and balance.   We'll be just dust long before that, but let us hope for hope.

Bristling Brock won't prattle further on this impossible subject and will return to his usual acerbic overview of some choice political affairs forthwith....  


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