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Following on from my previous blog the Westminster circus has gone into overdrive - though I doubt that's anything to do with my views.   Maybe it's the unusually hot weather, the holiday season, lunar eclipses or maybe it is just the idiocy of our so called representative system.   I favour the latter explanation.

Let's kick-off with Boris and his burka remarks.  The political world is in uproar that a senior Tory could make such an 'offensive' statement and is demanding apologies, suspension and probably burning at the stake for heresy.   How could anyone be so crass as to say something 'offensive' about a minority group's religious expression (if that is what it really is, and I have my doubts) ? - after all, the entire country has to be careful with what it says about almost anything these days (unless you are a member of a minority group, that is) that it is inconceivable that Boris should actually say something and not be pilloried and vilified for doing so.  The more the uproar goes on, the more I warm to Boris.  The Tory spokesmen and women, that faceless bunch of toadies who value their careers above service to the country, are cow-towing to the Party line - how awful, how offensive, how so un-Tory to utter such things, he must be immediately condemned and sent to the Tower for re-education or worse !  My message to Boris is 'Keep on, Boris, say what you think and express the thoughts that possibly millions in this country think but cannot declare !'  This isn't an attack on moslems or their habits, its an attack on the stupidity of our governance that we are not free to express our views and thoughts as free men and women allegedly living in the democracy of choice in the free world.  This curtailment of expression is Draconian and in some country's would be seen as fascism.  The major political parties in this country are equally spineless and misguided as to how the populace is thinking.   The sooner we have a new political party to enter Westminster with views that reflect the majority, the better.  Watch out, Tories - you're on a slippery slope...

The Labour Party are just as irritatingly ambiguous and rudderless.   The anti-semitism debacle has become an endless farce that, if nothing else, shows Labour politicians to be as vacuous and politically correct beyond any measure of common sense.  Everything hinges around that emotive word, 'offence'.   How is such a word so commonly used in our political environment we should be asking ?  Who is offending whom ?  That our political class seem confused about that is something of an indication that we don't have very switched on people running our country.  I suspect most thinking folk worked that out many years ago but the problem is that we, the electorate, have done nothing to facilitate the election of genuine representatives in election after election.  Are we politically apathetic ?  Probably yes, though whilst we have the flawed electoral system we have then there will be no fundamental change in the behaviour of our so-called representatives.   There are protesters out there waving banners about issues declaring 'Not in my name !'   I agree, our political structures do very little in my name - the difference is that the minority caucus are able to express that openly and freely because they are the perceived 'victims' of 'offence'; I,on the other hand, cannot register my 'offence' openly and freely because I don't belong to any identifiable minority.  I have made the mistake of being one of the majority instead.  And the majority in this country are a category of the populace and electorate that are assumed to think like the minority.   Here's news for you Westminster politico's - we don't !

To wrap up my huge disappointment in our political class, let's turn to Brandon Lewis, the Tory party chairman.  He's putting out that at the next election 50% of candidates will be female.  On the face of it, that's great - no problem with plenty of female candidates.  However, it's a numerical exercise.   This has nothing to do with suitability, skill, aptitude for political jousting or anything other than a clarion call to the equality czars to say, 'Hey, we've got an equal gender policy - vote for us !'   I find this very disturbing, not because of more women potentially entering parliament, but because the Tories are doing this to meet a target, to satisfy critics who want more gender equality.   The governance of our country is not about getting the numbers to balance just so a tick-in-the-box mark can be made, it's about getting the right people, with the right outlook, the right mental approach and the right commitment to fairness and justice that we need.  They can be Martians as far as I am concerned, so long as they are the right type.  Regrettably, I think the numbers game will prevail.      

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