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Mrs May really does exist !  She has come out today with a declaration saying that we will be out of the ECJ's jurisdiction when Brexit becomes official !  What a masterful statement.  This means, under current government planning, that the ECJ will still have power over our law making and legal judgements up until 2022 - the end of the so called 'transitional exit period'.  Whatever happened to Brexit meaning a departure from the EU by the end of March, 2019 ?  But because our fine negotiators have pinned the vision of a future EU trade deal to the legal framework of the EU, ergo, the ECJ, then we will be continually bound to abide by that courts rulings on various trade and commercial issues long after 2022.  This must be commercial diplomacy at its best - tell the British people one thing and tell the EU another story.  What a real shambles this Brexit negotiation is turning into....cannot we field some better people than this ?

Whilst Brexit is a unique and without precedent event, we are, de facto, making a meal of it.  It is grieving to see our politicians fawning and twitching to every EU comment, seemingly because we really haven't got any idea what to say in response.  This is a major political crisis: the absence of a clear vision, a divided cabinet and a government that really doesn't seem that committed to Brexit at all have contributed to a set of policy statements that are weak, vague, open to misinterpretation and downright flabby !  Our people need to get a grip if Brexit is to have any true meaning and the wishes of the electorate delivered.  Barnier must be having a highly enjoyable time seeing our team flustered and incoherent.  We need pro-Brexit professionals at that table, not the mealy mouthed bunch who claim to represent us and who are really not trying that hard.  It's time for revolution, ladies and gentlemen.  Gird your loins !

That obnoxious former Chancellor, Osborne, is bellyaching about getting HS2 and 3 re-booted and investment put down.  Does he really thing that a fast train in the north cutting a few minutes off journey time by 2030 will really be the answer to a disproportionate bias in funding favouring the south-east ?  This is political and political only.  It has nothing to do with a so-called Northern Powerhouse, and will not solve the north's lack of infrastructure and services investment.  Quite apart from HS2 and 3 being likely obsolete by 2030, we should not be giving the time of day to this widely discredited ex-politician and properly structured investment in the north - all of the north - should be being planned for holistically.  A fast train is not going to cut it.

Trump - who will be forever Trump - is trying to pacify his very vocal outraged liberal faction over all manner of things ranging from condemnation of white supremacists to a scathing attack upon the probity of journalists and his proposed expansion of military actions in Afghanistan.  America , like its junior ally, Britain, has created a social culture that applauds and celebrates virtually any social process and style that defies the conventional wisdom of how Western societies need to develop values, beliefs and moral positions and cries vociferously at any hint or display of opposition to its dogma.  There are many things I despise about the Trump form of governance but on this aspect of social order he has stated some home truths that will be hard for that liberal faction to swallow.  America is in crisis, not solely as a result of Trumpism but because many former governments have bent to the will of the minority.  That exact same process is happening here also.  We should be warned that there will be consequences which will be unpalatable as a result.

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