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There’s an amount of finger jabbing and whingeing going on in Westminster.  This usually takes the form of ‘It wasn’t me, guv, honest.  It was ‘im !’  Such seems to be the way of parliamentarians these days that whenever they say something or do something they end up either denying it or bumbling through contrived explanations claiming they were mis-quoted or reported falsely.  What a valued and enduring bunch many of them are - we couldn’t possibly imagine a politician doing anything dodgy now, could we ?  Yet it is that silly season type of sport when we have streams of representatives denying they’ve done anything questionable and fudging through attempted explanations to dodge the flak.  From where I observe all of this comedy, two key things occur to me.   First, the inevitable question marks over the quality, integrity and honesty of a good number of the Westminster clique never go away leaving me with the inescapable conclusion that has been voiced in this blog many times before - we are attracting the wrong calibre of people into politics.  The second observation is that we are all getting exercised and het-up over stories and topics that do not warrant the attention being given to them.  We might blame the media for dirt digging in this but it is our slavering appetite for salacious and seedy gossip that promotes that style of journalistic nonsense.  This latter point is inextricably linked to our obsession with doing things as per the decrees of political correctness disciples - of whom there seem to be an endless number (and usually working for some charity, NGO or other quasi government quango all nicely paid for by the taxpayer) - and this will go down in our history as something akin to the labouring descriptions of Gibbons ‘Decline and Fall’ !!!   No single issue can be the cause of societal decay but this perverse and negative obsession that prescribes what we can do, say, think, believe and act upon is a signal failure of our current way of life and if it takes revolution to quell it then I’m a revolutionary...

‘A’ level results again show huge strides upward in the pass success rate.  I truly hope this is a sign of improving education and more diligent studentship yet we hear stories of changed formats, reduced scrutiny and cut-back pass thresholds - the Telegraph claims that many students can achieve an ‘A’ grade by answering over 50% of the examination questions wrongly. If this is the case - and I have no idea whether it really is or not - and we are pandering to achieving targets and quota’s then we are clearly going down the wrong path.  If, however, there are genuine improvements in the interpretation and dissemination of knowledge then we should applaud this wholeheartedly.  Let’s take the positive view and celebrate with these youngsters - after all, it will be their world next.

Now, the Corbyn row is reaching way beyond the silly season guidelines.   Unfortunately for Mr Corbyn he seems wholly incapable of extricating himself from this interminable anti-semitism accusation and is now in a position where whatever he says in his defence will be regarded as being too late, too inadequate and too unbelievable.  Your goose is beginning to look decidedly over-cooked, Mr Corbyn, and the mob rule will have its day - for that is what this is, the baying crowd, the aggrieved minority, the holier than thou brigade claiming the moral high ground.  I’m no supporter of Corbyn but this constant accusatory tone from those who believe the affront to them and their forebears has been so acute and singularly offensive as to demand the uproar they are causing is wrong.  In fact the more they complain the more a counter reaction builds - and that can only lead to further divisiveness and destabilisation.  The answer in this is to regard Corbyn as a political no-hoper and not pander to his own belief in his past actions.  Whatever he has done to stir this particular pot is of no consequence - what is of consequence is to put this in its rightful context - the actions of an enduring twit.  So stop the wailing and gnashing of teeth - some of those may come back to bite you.

Trumpy has been in action again !  This time removing the security clearance from one of his critics.  Nobody in the world, Mr President, believes this is anything but a playground reaction to criticism of your policies and style of governance and is nothing to do with national security.  We should all be laughing at this display of childish behaviour - but instead we’ll grimace and hold our tongues against any retort to this ill mannered and shallow President because, to our eternal shame, we need his influence in oh so many ways.

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