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I suppose the first question to ask those of ourselves who voted for Brexit is: 'What were my expectations and reasons for voting as I did ?'  There is, of course, no simple answer to that as there were as many reasons for wanting to exit Europe as you could find anywhere.   It is probably true that quite a few Brexiteers simply wanted to rebel against establishment policies and perceived stupid regulations whilst others might have seen immigration control as the big bogeyman of the time.  Others will have given some thought to their vote and seen a prospect of renewed sovereignty, freedom to trade wherever and extraction from a federalist European obsession that was likely to fail like some exploding bubble in the foreseeable future.  All of those reasons, and many more, were valid then, in 2016, and remain valid today but our bogeyman this time is our own government, a declared anti-Brexit clique who, by default, are having to negotiate the Brexit withdrawal.  A more unsatisfactory arrangement you would find it hard to imagine - it has become somewhat like Boudica declaring that she really thought the Romans were jolly good chaps and that we should all be good citizens and roll over to their, obviously, superior instruction.  The response then was 'No Way !' and that should continue to be our response to the appalling conduct of our government now.

The government and its co-linked Conservative machinery are feeling the wrath of the country.  The absolute stupidity of  a negotiation to leave the EU by people committed to staying in the EU is as evident as it is dangerous.  The governments response ?  Project Fear, Mk 2.  "If we cannot win this debate with honest facts then we'll resort to scaring everyone into demanding an acceptance of the Chequers deal or a second public say in the outcome !" - I can almost see Theresa May mouthing the words.  What an appalling government strategy.  What an appalling insult to the people of this country.  What an appalling dereliction of duty by our elected representatives.   In truth, the government have no idea what Brexit may result in - their scare forecasts are based upon a Treasury clique, also with vested interests in remaining in Europe, with a tangible inability for predicting the future prospects of the country.  Their sole purpose is to sow doubt, financial concern and a prospect of becoming outsiders - a vision of a partial withdrawal from the EU being the 'solution' to these vexing questions.   Some might consider this a smokescreen to obscure the failure of government in properly approaching the negotiations and in having no realistic and well thought out Plan B in place.   One thing is sure, the Tories have rendered themselves virtually unelectable in their gross neglect on this most important of political issues for a century.  Few will shed a tear over that prospect but we must be wary of whom and what we elect to follow.

That parting thought brought Corbyn to mind.  Completely confused and at sea over how he should handle the anti-semitism debacle, he has started to go public on a range of bizarre issues in an attempt to put the emphasis on different things other than anti-semitism.   He is urging the BBC, for example, to examine their HR policies in how they select TV presenters and journalists with an eye to ensuring that they have the 'right' diversity, religious and ethnic mix to properly reflect the British society of today.  I can only think of a singular expletive starting with a 'B' and ending in '...ocks' to sum up my view on this and many other of his off-the-wall beliefs.  I had a smidgen of sympathy over his tardy reaction to Semitic accusations (not too much to make him my friend, mind you) but he is now demonstrating a complete lack of vision about what is truly important to Britain in the months ahead.  The danger, of course, is that we could end up with such an idiot in Downing Street as and when the present incumbent spontaneously combusts in a cloud of smoke.  Now that wouldn't be good for Britain on any level (not the spontaneous combustion, but the prospect of JC [I've only just realised what his initials are !  Bah]) becoming PM.  Maybe this should be being described as Project Fear 3....

With Trumpy on the cusp of an greater spontaneous combustion and the EU the other side of the Channel trying to be a normal, good citizen is becoming quite challenging, don't you think ?   I'm going to open a bottle now and ponder....

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