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The future of the PM has been long debated but the arguments thus far have been polarised about how successful she has been or how unsuccessful her performance has been viewed.  Now, however, we are seeing the emergence of an inner circle of intimates making it publicly known that at the very latest Mrs May must be gone by March of next year - immediately following the Brexit secession on 29th March, 2019.  The reporting suggests that these views are held by many in the Conservative Party but not always declared and that they are not malicious in nature rather they are said to be based upon the desire for a new generation of leadership.  We might all sigh, ‘Thank goodness !’ But implicit in such a reaction is that Mrs May could and even can survive the remaining six months in office - and the rider to that might be along the lines of more concessions to the EU, a trade agreement that binds us closer to the EU than good sense would suggest and a governance of some chaos between now and the desired ‘departure’ date for the PM.  Whatever we my think of Mrs May’s performance I don’t believe anyone could describe it as being wise or commendable.

Whilst this is all being conjectured about we have the camps that resolutely reject the Chequers Plan led by Jacob Rees Mogg and to some extent now, Boris Johnson arguing that at the stage we are at, our default position on Brexit should be for a no deal arrangement.  Much of the argument in this direction is also backed by an organisation known as the EFT - Economists for Free Trade - who outline the nature of British trading performance should it work on WTO rules in the future.  No Armageddon, no apocalypse, no crash, no breakdown in financial order but definitely there would be things that would be different and which we would all have to acclimatise to.  Some products would not be as readily available in the shops for a time being whilst trading patterns were re-formed - which would not be a disaster - and some costs may temporarily rise whilst companies adjusted their trading activities.  There are, of course, those who would claim the opposite, and Mark Carney at the Bank of England is perhaps one of them but surely we should take the positive foot forward now at this late stage, where a sensible trade deal with the EU is too late to be negotiated and say to ourselves that we can and will survive and prosper outside the EU.  Constant negativity from doomsayers serves little purpose and undermines the national attitude - the necessary national attitude at that - that we all need to embrace now: ‘Let’s get on with it, buckle to the challenge and make a huge success of it !’

Russia’s latest comments on the Novichok poisoning’s in Salisbury border on being laughable.  Putin himself claims the identified culprits as ‘only civilians and therefore must be innocent.’  What a stupid remark from a world leader.  In making such comments he is almost certainly providing the strong implication that the Russian authorities were well aware of what was happening and most likely with their official sanction.  You’d have been better keeping your mouth shut, Mr Putin.  One day, somewhere, these culprits will step out from the Russian shield - and then, who knows what might just befall them.  We may be a small, minor player in your eyes, Mr Putin but beware those that you scorn - sometimes they have a long memory and a long reach.

The weather has come to Trumpy’s aid and deflected the swathes of criticism and condemnation that have been recently aired in both books and newspaper articles.  Is this some divine intervention, we may wonder ?  If so, I think a lot of us would need to re-evaluate our beliefs but, of course, divine interventions are most unlikely to occur specifically with the intent of saving a scurrilous politician.  On the weather front, extreme displays of nature have been ‘extreme’ particularly this last couple of years.  Only yesterday I was marooned in, dare I admit, a beauty parlour (emphatically not a massage parlour) where a storm of unprecedented watery downpour threatened everything about it.  Those with living memory of the area could only recall this happening just once before - in January, 2018 !  We had better attend to our man-made polluting activities with some increased vigour.

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