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Even from the opening speeches of the Conservative Conference there has been an air of defiance over the PM’s rigid devotion to her Chequers Plan for Brexit.  Booed by the audience when she referenced it in a minor speech and with cabinet ministers now trying to defuse the potential catastrophe by dropping hints that there may be ‘another way’ and that all options would be considered.  For the PM herself this is a looming change of policy direction that she cannot sensibly survive, so dogged has she been about the universal merit of her Chequers Plan.  Now is the time for her to go, go quickly whilst she has a shred of dignity to hang on to.  This is a matter not of personalities - as some of her loyalists would argue it is - it is about getting the right people with the right vision, the right character and the right strength of will to bring Brexit about successfully for this country.  Mrs May has tried and unquestionably failed.  There’s no disgrace as such in this but she needs to acknowledge that she - and most of her present cabinet - are not the right team to pull this off to best national advantage.  Such a display of acknowledgement would help preserve her in the history books as having been a realistic and pragmatic PM - far better than an accolade of disastrous performance should she opt to hang on.  And, I think the history record is of some importance to Mrs May - it resonates with her character; so, Mrs PM, take advantage of the conference opportunity and pass your baton on to those who can do the job to the satisfaction of both the nation and the partisan electorate.  There is just time - but barely - to sort this muddle out.

As for the Labour Party, they are probably gearing themselves up for a snap election and potential victory.  It must be a measure of how politics across the spectrum has dismayed the public that we can see - or apparently see - such a swing away from the incumbent Tories toward a very left biased bundle of policies espoused by Mr Corbyn and his rather scary sidekicks.  Under normal political climate movements we would see a balancing strategy working its way through between the two main electoral contenders but today we see the pendulum quite distinctly erring toward the left and what might loosely be described as a ‘social agenda’.  A true social agenda has merit; a social agenda based upon rather crazy strategies and declarations by zealots which have little in the way of realistic formulation is very worrying.  Bristling Brock, for the record, is neither for nor against true Labour principles - what we are currently seeing is a hi-jack of the mechanisms and history of a laudable party process by extremists and unqualified individuals who most clearly have a hard left agenda of their own.  That’s an agenda that a genuine Labour supporter should be very wary of.

Old Trumpy almost cracked a joke yesterday when he held a press conference that, inevitably, flagged up the Kavanaugh case.  It seems that Kavanaugh’s old classmates didn’t have much regard for him for now we have hard drinking and mood swings introduced into this tangled equation of who did what to whom.  To top it, Trumpy emphasised that he was a non-drinker and that he would be a very poor specimen if he ever did.  He grinned his ginger grin at the press and hoped they thought that was funny.  But what is important here - for Americans and possibly the rest of the Western World - is that a man of the right ability and character is put on a lifetime’s role in the US Supreme Court.  Personally, I’m not sure Kavanaugh is the right man for this important judicial role that is underpinned by political pressures, and he certainly doesn’t come over in the media as being a man of conviction or grit.  But that apart, he is being subjected to vilification on a level that only our 21st century media can conjure up - the salacious outweighing the general good.  His accusers have waited 35 years to voice their complaints.  If these had been real concerns I cannot believe they would not have spoken out before now - there must surely be a political motive behind this ‘all of a sudden’ exposure.  That’s not to say whether Kavanaugh’s character is sound enough or not, that choice will be up to the US Senate, but it is an added and unwelcome matter when anyone can walk out of the blue, point a finger and bring a battery of publicly declared accusations without evidence on anyone.  There used to be a legal principle of innocence until proven guilty.  The media giants have dismissed this age-old concept so that they can have high-rating tv for a gratuitously vulgar public mindset.  Is that the world we want ?

North Korea is learning how to play international footsie.  Back in June it was all smiles and de-nuclearisation of the DPRK was being hailed by Trumpy.  Now, we hear that is not the case and the North Koreans are making conditions for such a move, not least in the matter of some reciprocal de-nuclearisation by the US.  Touché!  Somehow, I cannot see the US feeling comfortable with that, so will we see the impasse over whether a formal ending to the Korean War will continue ?  Perhaps so.  Maybe the real outcome of this is that some mutual respect between nations is called the meantime, let’s not hold our breath.


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