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In a society with common sense we would not be where we are today on that most invasive and emotive subject, Brexit.  Indeed, had we - and that 'we' embraces government as well - prepared for these negotiations properly then not only would they be over by now but we would be already negotiating deals with partners outside of the EU.

The one absolute to Bristling Brock that has been firmly proven in the last few weeks of these painful negotiating episodes is that Britain will not get a satisfactory trade deal with the EU at this stage.  What might be described in the foreseeable future by the government as a great victory in achieving a 'principled and meaningful deal' is not what any deal that can emerge now will be in reality.  No deal on the governments table reflects the Article 50 meaning, no such deal can now reflect the legal mandate of delivering Brexit as voted for, and no such deal can redeem the immense damage to this country's status, influence and credibility wreaked upon it by partisan politicians led by, possibly, the most inappropriate leader this country has ever had.   

The government, the civil service and its diplomatic 'experts' have failed the country miserably as they ducked and weaved in ways that would ensure Britain wouldn't de facto be leaving the EU at all.  That in itself is a monumental disgrace topped only by their collectively appalling behaviour during the negotiations - ignorance, arrogance, duplicity, self-interest and utter blindness are expressions that readily come to mind.  There are many more on an ever degrading quality scale.  Yet we might also look inwardly for a moment at ourselves, the electorate, for not making our views more plainly and stridently heard.  We supposedly live in a democracy (arguable, but that's another story) yet we have been passive, sitting as onlookers at the remarkable spectacle of a wholly incompetent government negotiating the single most important event in our lives since the Second World War.   The people should have been more involved in expressing their views - as indeed those who preferenced Remain in the referendum have been - to ensure that what Mrs May weakly claims is the 'will of the British people' was actually that and not just her misguided impression of what it was.   In all this we, the public, the electorate, individual citizens must be held partially culpable for this utter fiasco.

So, what now ?   Whatever deal the government may now expect to achieve (and I use the word 'achieve' with some misgivings) it will not be a good one for this country.   The preparations for a no-deal departure - arguably what we should have aimed for in the first place - are poor and weakly planned.  Little effort has really been put into this.  We must, therefore, anticipate an immediate move into WTO trade terms and abandon any damaging so-called 'agreements' with the EU.  Further negotiation now seems utterly pointless and the collective of all strands of the British public need to make that unequivocably clear to the government without further ado.   Write to your MP, write to the press, launch your Twitter and Facebook campaigns but whatever it is, make your views heard.   This IS the single most important matter for this country at this time - don't let us be railroaded by an incompetent government into something that will be damaging to our national interests in the extreme.  Act now !

Anjem Choudary is out of prison and seeking legal aid to mount an appeal against his earlier conviction.   I hope British madness does not extend to granting this to an individual who has preached hate and violence against the people of Britain.  Whilst we must pride ourselves upon having the most evolved legal system of justice in the world it would be a misplaced step to now grant such aid to this character.  Not only has his prison sentence been short but he will surely resume his unpleasant activities against this country.   If we don't negotiate with terrorists we shouldn't negotiate with agent provocateurs either.

Trumpy has pulled out of his nuclear arms limitation deal with Russia.  Very shortly he'll run out of international deals to withdraw from and then the US will be truly isolationist and protectionist in outlook.   The perversity of all that, of course is that the broad majority of low-wage, blue collar and industrial workers in the US think that's great and there's close on 200 million of them that will wave Trumpy's flag.   We shouldn't be surprised if the mid-terms reaffirm Trumpy's popularity and likely second term.  That'll be interesting.....

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