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The news that Toshiba are pulling out of the development of the new nuclear generating plant adjacent to Sellafield alerts us to several issues.  First, why does this country have insufficient faith in developing its critical infrastructure through British enterprises and funding rather than through foreign companies; second, why does the government seemingly have no plan in place to mitigate this sudden withdrawal; and third, why is it that we have no concerted energy plan to generate nuclear power instead of wasting our time and money on renewable energy projects that really have little chance of fulfilling our future energy needs.  Questions all.

The simple answer, of course, is that government (and this includes those dating back thirty plus years) have failed to understand the technological boom across the world that relies almost exclusively upon the mega-generation of electricity.  This negates any renewable energy scheme in a flash - there is no way we can generate what we will need by twiddling propellers on wind farms and solar panelling glazing the roofs of every building in the land.  Let's get real.  If we want to survive this technological leap into the future, we will need to generate one heck of a lot more electricity than we have ever, ever imagined.  And to do this cleanly, we really need to be investing in nuclear power.   And that nuclear power should be British - not Japanese, Chinese, French, American or any other nationality.   It should be British.  It is a core security matter if nothing else.  Yes, there are always risks, but let's face it, we are just as likely to get radiated from a nuclear mishap in Europe, Russia or even China.   Chernobyl was just a teaser in terms of showing us what could happen, but we cannot live in fear and not do something that is nationally necessary on the basis "...that it might leak radiation !"  Bristling Brock wants to see this nation step up and step forward in the world.  To do that we'll need masses of electrical energy, the will, the courage and the faith in ourselves to put nuclear development up as a priority investment.  These things are not built overnight - we are long overdue in putting our energy policy in order.

Jo Johnson, the quieter of the Johnson brothers - has quit his ministerial post because he thinks the British public should be consulted on the - so far secret - terms of the governments Brexit plans.  BB has often railed against a second referendum on Brexit but as the public are unlikely to ever have the truth told to them before the event he is erring towards the Jo Johnson opinion.  This should not, however be a vote on whether Brexit should be in some way reversed or stopped - that was a legally mandated process which has constitutional integrity bound up in it - but it should be a vote on whether the British people are satisfied that the terms of Brexit, as secretly conjured up by Mrs May and her cronies, are subjected to a public appraisal that delivers an aye or a nay verdict.   One of Mrs May's extraordinarily blind capacities is that she thinks she knows what is best for 'the British people' - that much overused phrase that populates her speeches just as much as 'I've been very clear...' used to in the early Brexit phase.   Let us be clear.  Mrs May knows very little about what the British people want and it is facile of her to keep rabbiting on that she does.  So let's have Mr Johnson's public vote.

Elsewhere on the Brexit bandwagon, Dominic Raab has upset matters by declaring that the government hadn't, until now, fully appreciated the significance of the Dover-Calais shipping route.   BB seems to recall that even in his early schooldays, that particular sea channel was regarded as absolutely critical to our wider trade; why the government hasn't appreciated that until now BB will leave the reader to draw his own conclusions - but mine ain't good.   It makes any thinking person wonder whether the government have any idea how this country works - on a Brexit level it's likely most of the population made up their minds on that one long ago.

Male fertility across the world is falling - and falling at a worrying rate it seems.  Exactly what is causing this is unclear but it opens up the chilling notion that as AI technology expands the world may find itself at some future time, more populated by robots and androids rather than humans.   Perhaps this is a sign that the human species - good old Homo-Sapien - has reached the end of his allotted time.  After all, we replaced the Neanderthals.  Who will replace us ?

BB was going to have a short blast about Trumpland but having watched Trumpy recently looking more orange than ever and with his bizarre white eye surrounds, has decided to have a gin and tonic instead.

Goodnight and pleasant dreams.


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