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Brexit is reaching that point in its endless life-cycle of 'the Crunch !'   If we believe the reportage, the terms that the PM rigidly follows are almost certainly going to be the worst possible outcome to this long and mismanaged saga.   The Cabinet remains split and all the predictions are that parliament will reject it in an instant.

So where does that leave us ?   On the one-hand, we could just walk away, say 'no deal' and rebuild our nation state from that point using WTO tariff guidelines.  Alternatively, the PM is likely to angle for a time extension to the Article 50 conditions so that she can adjust her negotiating position.  For her, this would avoid the early embarrassment of total failure - but, in truth, this would only be a deferment to a later time, for she is not the negotiator to pull this off.   She has already sealed her political fate.  In Brussels, they must be laughing at the utter farce the British position represents.  They have successfully made the Irish border issue the defining condition of Brexit - knowing full well the difficulty this represents for the UK.  It was, and is, a deliberate and mischievous tactic to make things difficult for Britain.  That in itself tells us much about the character of the EU but it equally shows how our poor negotiating efforts enabled Ireland to become the keystone issue in the UK's departure from the EU.   That was an error of gargantuan proportions that has exacerbated our unbelievably poor position in the negotiation.

So, yet again, we must argue that Mrs May must go.  There is diminishing confidence at every level over her performance and - as with any commercial business - nobody stays in post when they have presided over so many mistakes.  A later departure will only embarrass her more.  If she's got any remaining sense, she will realise that.

The Armistice commemorations across the western world have been memorable and remindful of the sacrifices of many young men and women of a century ago.   They were poignant and highly illustrative of the complete folly of both the World Wars - a reminder that the infusion of politics into the 'right thing to do' never was and never will be the right mix.  We might be inured to imagine government is a knowledgeable and honourable institution.   War is the very evidence that it is not.  And it hasn't changed.

Trumpy yet again took to our tv screens over the weekend with assorted 'nonsenses' about rude press reporters and inclement weather grounding his helicopter at the Armistice Day commemorations.  With orange face and white eyes ablaze, he glared back at the cameras in some parody of a 'Don't mess with me !' response.   His inability to actually speak English is clearly a factor in this, his inability to actually look the part of being president is another, his inability to stir anything but derision all add up to a leader as bad as our own PM.   The serious side to all of that is that he IS the president and carries the associated power of that office - and that is dangerous for the rest of the world.   Somehow or other, the rest of the world will have to find a way of working with this most dysfunctional man - until the American electorate decide that enough is enough.  The early hopes that he would do some radical good in this world have long since evaporated.  He also needs to go at the earliest possible moment.


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