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Well, what a situation we all now find ourselves in, eh ?

The Withdrawal Agreement is published - at length - and the warring factions are hard at it trying to manoeuvre positions and arguments to bolster either acceptance of or total rejection of the labarynthine legalese that the document is, deliberately, written in.  Whilst Bristling Brock is most certainly against the acceptance of these terms and conditions for Britain exiting Europe, seeing these warring factions who are jousting with language and political waltzing rather than action, reminds me of a clique, a band of particularly spoiled children with career, ambition and greed uppermost, a continuation of the status quo, the Westminster elite, the political bubble of the often most privileged.  To illustrate such characters, I need look no further than Michael Gove - the very epitomy of what is wrong with our Westminster system.  This blog has often pushed for a change in that status quo, a radical but controlled shift in our political establishment, its values, integrity and enthusiasm for dealing with the many issues facing this country without first and foremost thinking of political gain.  A government that was genuinly and selflessly committed to the simple ethos of good governance.  There were glimmers of hope that such a change might have actually happened at one time but, alas, no Knight in Shining Armour has stepped up to the plate and seized the opportunity.  It may well be too late now for that bold action to occur.  As Mr MacMillan used to wryly comment, 'Events, dear boy, events happen !'  

Such a radical ambition was always an outside chance.  Westminster has been a well oiled and unyielding political mechanism for generations and change will be evolutionary rather than radical.   Yet as a nation we must aspire to and pressure for good governance, for appointing public servants who actually have integrity and honour rather than the political puppets we are presented with at election time.   Even the ambitious and opinionated Amber Rudd used the phrase, 'This is a time for pulling together, for making sure we remember who we are here to serve, who we are here to help - the whole of the country.'   The sentiment is unquestionably right, but whether we believe in the people tasked with the job is very much open to debate.  There has been no sign of the reform so desperately needed in our leadership and vested interest remains the priority. 

And in the midst of this fraught political atmosphere there is Brexit.   The proposed withdrawal deal is appalling in just about every way imaginable.  It realises the worst fears of many who have long since lost the faith in our negotiators and their blinkered and rigid attitudes.  In contrast, the EU have capitalised quite brilliantly in their recognition of the outstandingly poor negotiating team put before them by Britain and swayed the terms very much to their own favour.  Put a bunch of Remainers in the negotiating seat for Leaving and guess what ?  You get a proposed Withdrawal Agreement that Benedict Arnold would have been proud to tout around.   We must hope that parliament does its duty and rejects this dishonourable and ill structured proposal, this capitulation to the demands of this federal clique of bureaucrats, this completely unprofessional piece of work.

But having wished for rejection, we must be prepared to push strongly for re-negotiation.   However, given the absence of European appetite for this and the likelihood that they will not re-engage in any new negotiation then we must prepare for a no deal Brexit.   Project Fear has for some time been creating the spectre of doom should a no deal Brexit be the final option but those who perpetuate fear are politicians - and you know what BB thinks about most of them; for the UK in all its forms, a no deal is not a given disaster, it is an opportunity to re-make our nation, using our drive, ambition, skill and inventiveness to move more positively into the 21st Century.  Of course there will be problems, but we should be upbeat, positive and enthusiastic about the opportunity, the grand challenge.  We hear much from those cosily entrenched in their comfort zones.  Now is the time to break free of inertia.   Let parliament be blessed with the gumption to reject this awful proposal and enable the entire UK to move on and upward. 




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