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We all know that Brexit is the biggest constitutional shake-up since goodness knows when, and we also know its a complex matter that doesn't lend itself to a 'Yes'/'No' choice.  Yet that was the basis of the Referendum in 2016, long promised by David Cameron and duly delivered in June of that year.  It was legally mandated by Parliament and the Cabinet approved the nature of the process.  The Referendum was held and the outcome was a majority voting to Leave the EU.

Brexit was duly promised and legally assured.   We would, as a result, have the opportunity to recover our national sovereignty, decide our own laws, trade globally without the inhibitor of the single market, and control the flow of immigration into the country.

Yet for almost two and a half years now we have had the government doing everything in its power to dilute, deflect, subvert, neutralise, reverse and sabotage the legally produced verdict of that Referendum.  In short, there was clear intent from the outset that the government was not going to let Brexit happen in anything other than by name alone.   Their conviction that they knew best and understood what stupidity the British people had voted for gave them the moral right to interfere in the democratic process and do whatever was available to them to make Brexit a token gesture subordinated by a continuance of the European adventure toward federalism.  What fools we Leavers must have been to believe that a government comprised of a majority of Remainers and with their liberalised views of what 21st century governance should look like would actually work diligently, honestly and with impartiality to bring Brexit about as it was intended.  Our naiveté has been astounding, our belief that government would actually behave according to its mandate simplistic in the extreme.   We Leavers have been thoroughly duped.

The production of the Withdrawal Agreement, masterminded and rigidly held up as the only game in town by Theresa May, is now the written evidence of that betrayal.   The terms might garner some suport from business, but by no means all, and for the rest of us we read the terms that sound like the conditions in The Treaty of Versailles with the UK sitting in the place of the defeated Kaiser Germany.   Absolutely nothing in this Agreement resounds with the moral imperative of Brexit.  Its language is so bedecked with flowery, meaningless statements that anyone could interpret anything from them.  And that is exactly our PM's intention - to be seen to be delivering Brexit whilst in truth she is delivering the UK into the controlling and manipulative hands of the EU Junkers.  The opposition to the Agreement is said to be strong in the House of Commons and that it will be rejected - but there are precious few who have displayed the moral courage to openly condemn the governments so called 'best efforts' at pulling this agreement together.  Many wait to see which way the wind will blow.   That in itself tells us much about the inadequacy of our parliamentary representatives and whilst we must uphold the notion of democracy the time is ripe for a major change to the way our governance is allowed to function. 

But where are our champions of change ? Apart from a few noises at the fringe, not one of them has pushed his/her cause to the point of bringing about that change.  Feint hearts have prevailed and this is grievously disappointing to everyone who believes our nation deserves better than the misfits who currently govern us. 

Mrs May has declared that if 'her' Withdrawal Agreement is thrown out by Parliament then the only other option is 'No Brexit'.  Gone are the references to a No Deal, a renegotiation, the formulation of other strategies (which, incidentally, any prudent government would have lined up already).   Whichever way this goes, Mrs May gets what she wants.  If the Agreement is passed by Parliament then she has a deal with the EU that satisfies both her and the bureaucrats in Brussels.   If the Agreement does not get approved by Parliament then Mrs May invokes a No Brexit outcome and the EU spreads its arms and chuckles, 'Welcome back UK !'   The whole Brexit matter has been engineered to fail in ways that the PM can defend by saying, 'Well, Parliament wouldn't sanction my deal' or 'This is the best deal on the table'  Both benefit her Conservative administration - until the next election.

Politics has utterly overwhelmed democracy in this country.  Our government should be ashamed but are patently not.  Whatever opposition to this deal that might remain needs to steel itself to taking action - and quickly.  The Withdrawal Agreement is fatally flawed from a Brexit perspective and our so-called opposers need to push for either renegotiation or no deal outcomes.   Somewhow, I don't see that occurrence on my radar.

This is a grim time for true believers in Brexit.

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