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Well, what an extraordinary week, so far....or maybe it was entirely predictable ?

The one thing that BB finds somewhat disproportionate in this whole Brexit fiasco is that there is an obsession with the Irish Question.  Okay, it is a key factor in the process but nobody in politics, absolutely nobody, is making a point that the Withdrawal Agreement is not just bad from an Irish standpoint, it is bad for sovereignty, bad for legal jurisdiction, bad for freeing up non-EU trade deals, bad for immigration control, bad for continuing budget payments to the EU, bad for inspiring investment confidence and just bloody bad all round.  That we could end up with such a bad deal is unthinkable - across the board - none of this tripe conjured up by Theresa May is worth a penny. 

And yet, there she still is, grinning like the proverbial Cheshire Cat in parliament yesterday as though she was actually enjoying herself.  She trots off to Europe to try and 'renegotiate' but she knows full well that Europe won't budge - why should they ?  They've successfully screwed Britain to the wall and Theresa May is now going through the motions of 'trying to improve our position'.  That should have been done over a year ago but instead we have this lilly-livered circus carrying on.  She'll return to parliament and declare that the deal remains as was and that it is the only deal - again - that they can vote on.   BB is one of millions betrayed.  BB is appalled.   BB is mortified that our nation has become a puppet to political gamesmanship which the EU have played superby and the British under the PM's blinkered steerage have been entirely suckered by.  BB is devastated that this golden opportunity for Britain to take a giant leap forward in world trade deals has been stymied by this unspeakable draft agreement.  BB cannot imagine a comparable scenario where over half the electorate are going to be betrayed, sold down the river and made into European 'Yes men'.  Such a political and constitutional disaster has rarely been seen before.  You might guess that BB is pretty angry.   What have we done to elect such a supine government ?

The felony is, of course, compounded by the lack of moral fibre being displayed by those who purport to oppose the deal - those who ought to be delivering practical and realistic ways forward, new policies based upon Britain's well being rather than their own political options.  Cowering low until they see which way the wind may blow is a testimony to the quality of our parliamentary members.   If I was Richard III I would call them curs.   Modern English apart, they have proven little better.   They are just as much at fault as the PM might be judged. 

BB must find a dark room and a full glass of wine now.  Events have become unspeakable.

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