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Predictably, the current Brexit negotiations have reached an impasse.  Whilst the British team strive to argue over their positional papers the EU are adamant that the big three preliminary issues have to be resolved first.  We all knew this would be the case apart from, seemingly, our government who have approached these negotiations with poor, imprecise and flabby proposals and totally ignored the three key hurdles that have to be resolved before any trade progress can be started.  We also know that the positional papers are not a negotiating strategy - everyone in the country is aware of that - yet despite countless EU commentary we have not addressed the concept of presenting a framework plan which outlines what Britain wants to achieve - over and above the settlement of the three big issues.  Just what do we imagine the government is up to here ?  We are losing time, opportunity and credibility and the thought arises as to whether this is some sort of perversely intentional game-plan to endlessly delay settlement.....

Equally, the British public have been left in the dark as to what Brexit is going to be about and other than the extended transitional period that Philip Hammond has argued for we know little about what is in store.  I'm almost tempted to imagine that a strategy of sitting on the fence for as long as possible to see what happens is the only plan the government have....and prompts the further thought that big business and party donations are the true string pullers in this bizarre charade.

That last thought is backed up by the Tory approach to big company fat-cat pay - a stern start to get votes which now lies as a much diluted package which whimpers at the edges of the problem in our large corporate entities - and by association cascades down through the medium size and SME cultures that have become accustomed to rewarding the chiefs whilst paying the indians not a lot.  But Tory climbdowns should not surprise us any more than they do when the Labour Party sallies forth and then realises it hasn't the wherewithal to deliver.  Our government and opposition forces are weak beyond imagination and we don't as a nation deserve such inept and servile servants in charge.

North Korea shoots a missile over the top of Japan and brings the world that little bit closer to ingnition point for WWThree.  They believe they are threatened, the West believes it is threatened and nobody seems to have any sensible ideas about containing the inflammatory words being bandied around.  There are no potential winners here, only losers.  It is alarming, disturbing and saddening that our world leaders cannot see the utter stupidity of this escalating stand off.  Let us hope, against the odds, that wisdom will prevail and that common sense will intervene in this highly volatile situation.  The world that is watching has no desire to become the collateral damage inflicted by stupidity.


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