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Depending on which commentary you read about recent events in Westminster and Brussels, it's nevertheless hard to find a rational justification of the Prime Minister's eratic behaviour - particularly this last week but, if we're truly objective, over the last two years.

But let's not descend into just a reverie of character assassination - that solves little other than to expiate the upset of whoever the assassin may be.   Much as BB dislikes the style and competence of the PM, it looks pretty likely that she actually does believe in the process she is following, notably over Brexit.   She is certainly dogged, unrelenting, hard working and probably somebody who works equally hard at nurturing the image of being the diligent and responsive PM.   In themselves, most of those are worthy virtues.  However, as with most things in life, seldom are we able to isolate virtues and faults into nicely boxed scenario's - so many other factors crowd in to cloud the appraisal.   It is one thing to be, shall we say, "Virtuous", but if those virtues are not based upon a rational or even a well understood premise (in this instance, that of truly understanding what Brexit is about) then they are no more than a collateral noise in the background.   To achieve "Virtue" - and have it fully recognised by your audience - you need understanding of the situation, understanding of the realities of your opposition, vision that can scope in broader scenario's if you ever need a Plan B or even a Plan C, a collegiate approach to complex matters that embrace multiple social, economic and political issues and, perhaps most importantly, you have to actually have faith in and belief in what you are doing.  In other terms, she needs to actually see the future opportunity of Brexit rather than seeing the process as risk mitigation.   In all Brexit matters, the PM has not been able to tick-box any of those characteristics.  A jolly good egg she may be, but she is not, and never has been, the right spearhead for negotiating Britain's exit from the EU.

The unpalatable truth now, of course, is that much time has been squandered and there is little time or window of opportunity/appetite to re-negotiate the Withdrawal Agreement.   There is seemingly no Plan B, no alternative to manoeuvre with and, if the newspaper reporting on the PM's fiascos with Brussels this week is anything to judge by, the PM is completely nebulous in all her scripted rhetoric - that oh so irritating mantra of repetetive phrases that drive evryone to distraction.  Clarity is most certainly not one of her virtues.   Be dogged as PM by all means, but that doesn't include being blind to the realities of what you have brought about - a completely humiliating portrayal of Britain on the international stage, the likelihood of a no deal exit when there could have been a proper, negotiated deal and a continued display of a total misunderstanding of what the PM's Brexit duty was.

Yet whilst BB lists 'no-deal' above in the context of the PM's failures, it need not be the awful situation many anti-Brexit voices proclaim.  Quite the contrary, it can be - if we make it so - the golden opportunity to move the nation forward, free of the warped regulatory vision that the EU represents.   But we have to believe.  We have to make the future happen to its best advantage.  We have to find ways of doing things that we haven't needed to do this last 40 or so years (not always to our advantage).  We need to re-join the wider world, in trade and dialogue.  We need to be confident that we will always move forward.   Can you do that ?  

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