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Whilst parliament and government battle out the differences they have over each other the reult has been over the last few days, very little.  The vote on the principal issue, the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, has been deferred by the PM into the second half of January when, she hopes, the timetable for parliament will be so jammed full that they won't have the opportunity to raise more than token objections.   This is seedy government.   The deal on the table will be almost identical to the one presented earlier this month and the prospect of there being any addendums with legally binding assurances of good faith by the EU are zilch.  So parliament will be asked to pass this appalling deal with no other purpose than to force free the log-jam of controversial opinion both within parliament and the country and deny parliament sufficient time to debate amendments.   Seedy doesn't sum this up.  It is downright bereft of any moral, professional and considered content and not worthy of a British government.   It is no more than 'something' when we should have 'the real thing' being presented to parliament.   The deal is bad - the wider consensus thinks it's bad, Bristling Brock thinks it's bad - but the toadies in the cabinet are still preaching that it is the best deal going.  No it isn't.  How can a deal that fudges so many Brexit issues with flowery language that it means all things to all people have any credence ?  It cannot, of course, but the PM has bound herself to it with cast iron commitment now and she will use her power (I'm reluctant to use the word 'authority' here) to force the passage of this abominable piece of legislation into parliament to suit her own personal timetable and ambition.  BB can only hope that parliament holds its nerve and does, in fact, reject this contrived piece of rubbish.

At that point, late January, we will have little time left to have any other deal prepared, debated and approved by anyone - our government long since decided that there was to be no Plan B, no scope to manoeuvre because the Withdrawal Agreement that they have cobbled together was never intended to deliver Brexit - only to give the false notion that this would be as good as Brexit ever got.  Already, everyone in government - right on script - is busily talking about 'planning for a no deal exit' with protestations of "....well, we don't expect to have to use it but prudence dictates that we should make the preparations, just in case...".  If genuine preparations for a no deal exit had been strategised then those measures would have been sorted out months if not over a year ago by a competent government, but this government is warring again with its propaganda message of stirring fear amongst the weaker parliamentarians and the public at large.   It has no vision beyond pushing the Withdrawal Agreement through onto the statute book.   It has no interest in really preparing for a no deal exit, that is merely a ploy to destabilise the opposition to the Agreement and to fret the public into conformance of view.  Seedy governance, yet again, unspeakably poor.

We have reached this unprecedented position in our nations affairs by complacency.  Those that would oppose, those that had the opportunity and wherewithall to resist and overcome this tidal flow of rubbish have not stepped forward to present the alternatives, to bring vision, scope of thought, imagination and grit to this debate.  And the government have seen them wavering and have seen their opportunity to brandish their unpalatable deal about, along with their fawning support for it.  We also, the public at large, have also been complacent, grumbling plenty, tutting endlessly but doing nothing to express a public view of what is thought about the Withdrawal Agreement.  Whether Leaver or Remainer, it scripts a bad deal for everyone.  So do we deserve what we get here ?  The short answer to that is, probably.    

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