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Bristling Brock is guessing that most of the population witnessing the absurd childishness of parliaments behaviour yesterday is worthy of strong condemnation.  Whether someone mutters words to himself or otherwise it is not a matter of record and doubtful whether Hansard can legally make it so.  The Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition are both culpable and should apologise to the nation for the petty and unseemly display of truculent and immature conduct over something that nobody heard and was only supposedly said.  This is pathetic.  There are huge issues at stake for this nation and to have the two leaders trade insults and even encourage their cohorts to join in is a clear display that our elected representatives have nothing more than partisan positions to occupy their narrow minds.  Grow up and behave like adults !

Maybe this has emboldened those who would be 'Queen' for now we have competing plans being aired by Amber Rudd and Andrea Leadsom for that moment when the Withdrawal Agreement is eventually voted upon in January and - in their eyes - rejected.  One sees the 'logic' of a second referendum whilst the other sees the option of a 'managed no deal' as being the way forward.  Here we have two contenders to replace Mrs May, positioning themselves, openly declaring policy opinions and preparing for that moment when the Opposition table a vote of no confidence in the government (whenever Mr Corbyn feels equally emboldened to make such a move) and, like predatory wolves, holding back on their public views about the PM until they know they can have a good chance of succeeding.   Sheer pantomime performances.  Do these folk or any others with similar ambitions actually think this looks good to the public and the outside world ?  We all laugh at the bizarre goings on in the US but we should take a hard look at ourselves also and, as a nation, consider whether this comedic style of performance is how we truly would wish our governance to be carried out.   This is a serious time, there are serious issues to grapple with and we need serious politicians to work this through in a seemly and proper fashion and with due respect to democracy.   That is what is at stake here along with our national freedoms, generosity, honesty and integrity.  That our leadership jeopardises all this with their crass behaviour is insulting in the extreme.  We have never had a political revolution in this country for the past 350 or so years.   If we are to avoid another, we need political leadership that has balls, faith, honesty and grit - where are you all cowering ?   Show yourselves and let's move this country forward on our terms....   

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