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All the politicians have gone home for Christmas - everywhere.  In some respects this provides some respite from the bickering disagreements that have come to characterise the way our representatives and ‘leaders’ conduct themselves.  That we still have so much divided opinion at this time of the year is saddening, it should be a time of reconciliation and coming together - but politics isn’t that user friendly.

As an observer of political goings-on, Bristling Brock has seen much this last year of discord and political acrimony.  That has cascaded over into the social and cultural spheres as well, a possible indicator of fears, apprehensions and uncertainties amongst us all.  Whilst observers like BB harp on about the importance of our essential democracy and rule of law, at ground level these don’t always resonate in every quarter where more basic grievances fill the minds thoughtfulness.  Those are, nonetheless, just as significant issues as the processes of governance, harshly felt, and with no evident prospect of them being resolved.  The ‘State’ seems, in many ways, to have failed those that constitutionally it was obligated to serve and attend to.  If we widen that critique, the ‘State’ has come to represent that which we most mistrust and find little faith in.  It has reverted to ways that we should long since have moved forward from, putting partisan, personal and tribal tendencies to the fore rather than the considered well being of the nation - at social, ethnic, gender and economic levels.

This blog has long argued for a dynamic shift in the polarity of our political system.  There have been times when this looked to be a possibility when thoughtful and experienced politico’s rose into the public eye and presented a vision of what the system could look like - a professional and well balanced, less partisan cadre of knowledgeable and gritty politicians who understood the processes of change and had the belief in working with it for the primary purpose of national benefit.  BB doesn’t know where this embryonic cadre of aspirants has seemingly disappeared to.   In many political senses, the golden opportunity to bring meaningful change about looks to have long since passed, but there is a lingering hope that they - and we all know who they are - have paused to wait for a more propitious moment.  Yet times are serious, and risk has to be a part of that dynamic - whichever way your political inclinations lean - and we need brave and committed souls to have conviction as well as an experienced and astute eye to make this move.  One thing is certain.  This country can not afford to continue with the style of governance we currently have.

Despite all the adversities, 2019 can still be a year of beneficial change - not change that will merely put new faces at the top table but change that will put credible, dignified yet forceful politicians there.  Isn’t that what any society deserves ?

Happy Christmas to everyone who reads these ramblings and for a New Year’s resolution let us all secretly wish for the right sort of change to occur.

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