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Both inside and outside parliament this week there have been displays of behaviour that do little more than show the world that the great civilisation that Britain once created no longer exists.

With far right extremists freely walking on the streets outside parliament and petty Party politicians within we have managed to show the world how egregious British conduct has become.  It is not surprising, therefore, that the moral compass of the nation has gone into some magnetic frenzy of uncertainty.  We used to grimace when tales of British tourists abroad showed up just how base and uncouth many of us really were, but we managed to shrug that off as the conduct of the minority.  Now, we have a public display ranging from government down to the seedy pit level of right-wing anarchists that also display a distinct lack of discipline, purpose and, most importantly, integrity.  Mob law is beginning to take something of a toe-hold.

Brexit may have some part to play in all this, but there is a strong whiff of depravity leeching into our societal ways as our respect for and practise of lawful and proper conduct gets eroded.  Common courtesies are at the foot of this escalating ladder and have been abandoned - not by all but possibly the majority nowadays - as our dog-eat-dog culture has unfolded to favour those who look constantly for their own benefit and position at the expense of those who have hung onto the mores of past generations.   Yes, we should adapt but in doing so we should set parameters of acceptable behaviour that apply from the PM down to the most lowly citizen.   At both ends of this scale we have seen conduct that does not befit this great nation.

If we are to make the best of the opportunities in front of us then we need to work as a cohesive society showing pride in our nationhood.   The fractured society we are showing the world today will not work to our national advantage - whichever way Brexit goes - so we need to look hard at ourselves and, collectively give up on all the rancour and squabbling that pushes our polar extremes further and further apart.  We are one nation, a great nation and we are better than this.   We must start by getting the right people in government with the right ideas, the right outlook for the nation and with a sense of purpose toward making us the proper envy of the world again.  Above all, we need honest and sincere people in the driving seat and from that the nation's moral compass will steady - to everyone's advantage.  

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