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After a few further days of political reflection enforced by a bout of severe man-flu, we appear to be witnessing what may be the PM's final phase in the Brexit chess-game.   The cynical side of Bristling Brock might be tempted to believe that this whole episode of negotiation, amendment and further negotiation is no more than a choreographed set-piece, all nicely pre-arranged with the EU to consume time.  In consuming the time between now and the 29th March, the options for manoeuvrability diminish day by day until we reach that magic point where the government can declare, 'Accept the Withdrawal Agreement as it is or plunge into space with a no-deal !'  We all see Project Fear tirelessly going through its machinations of raising endless spectres of doom and disaster should the 'ignorant' amongst us make no-deal the final choice.  In some ways, if this is truly what is happening, it's a very clever tactic to get your Withdrawal Agreement passed through the Commons, Mrs May.  Inept you may be, but if this is actually what you are doing then you have joined the ranks of Machiavelli with laurel leaves.  All in the name of personal and Party survival.  Unfortunately, it also constitutes treason, a complete abrogation of democratic principles, a betrayal of trust to the legally mandated decision for Brexit to take place, a withering contempt for the electorate and the wider public at large and an equal contempt for the parliamentary process.  BB could go on and on on this absolutely despicable display of morality by the PM and government - but we will never know the truth, will we ?  This plot, this seedy compilation of vested interest ideas will be buried in a vault deeper than deep for the next century...if this is what is happening under our noses....

The Brexit course, despite the misgivings of millions, seems therefore, to be set on consuming time and reducing choice - even though various parliamentary votes are being bandied about in some token display of democracy - and unless something quite remarkable happens over the next month then BB fears we shall be sold down the river and end up with Brexit in name only.  Those that would oppose such a railroading, those who spoke up for Brexit, those who decried the worst elements of the negotiations and the concessions the government immediately gave away, all seemed to have melted away and contented themselves with some possible re-wording of the backstop arrangement.   Brexit was never about an Irish backstop; it was about a groundswell desire to change the way our governance was conducted, about making our own laws, seeking our own trading arrangements and creating a multi-diverse society that valued talent but not opportunistic migration, it was about stimulating a political way that was not mired in its own self-interest, a system that worked for the majority rather than the minority, a political outlook that was not beholden to the crazy excesses of political correctness.   This was not Utopia, it was a vision of what we as a nation could become - as we have done countless times over the last two millennia.  Yet we have been betrayed by an establishment and status quo that has operated through the governments questionable behaviour and also by those who once flew the flag for freedom but have capitulated and settled upon some mealy re-wording of a Withdrawal Agreement that must, in the entire annals of this nation, be the worst piece of legislative drivel ever pursued so blindly.

BB hopes he is desperately wrong in all of this - but such optimism is getting to be a hard thing to nurture.

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