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As more MP's on both sides of the main political divide resign from their party's we could well ask the question as to whether the orthodox establishment of Westminster is beginning to fall apart.  That may be a bit dramatic a statement at the stage we are witnessing now, but if it were to continue - as a number of the media pundits imply - then the trend may well see the beginnings of a collapse of the traditional party system in this country.

The Independent Group - now trendily known as the TIG's - are garnering support from Labour and Tory ranks alike, espousing a vision of centreist politics rather than the variable directions the two mother party's have unwisely chosen to try and navigate these last few years.  But let us not forget what the true objectives of the TIG's are.   They are all committed to the concept of ensuring that Brexit never has the option to accept a no deal outcome; they want, in varying forms of enthusiasm, a second referendum and an extension to the Article 50 timeline within which a new deal can be negotiated with the EU that is acceptable (to parliament, that is, not necessarily to us, the electorate).  So, whilst we are seeing the potential fragmentation of a very inefficient and ineffective body politic, we might begin to question whether this (the formation of the TIG's) is an improvement in our political landscape or whether it is merely a re-dressing of the old structure.

To Bristling Brock, it is also significant that there is very little mention throughout the media of the Brexit Party in either name of activity.  There is the fundamental difference that the TIG's are a group rather than a political party as yet whilst the Brexit Party is a registered political entity - so you might imagine that its position, status and influence within the Westminster circus might be something meriting some sort of media coverage.  Democracy should imply a balanced output of views and opinions, a hearing of all positions and their debate in a parliamentary chamber not beholden to the Party mantras.  But as we all know there is a very limited application of that concept within our existing political infrastructure.   And that is the crux of the necessary political reform needed in this country - to eradicate the bias of the establishment and status quo to bring about a particular political direction, notably in this instance to only 'Leave' the EU in the most minor ways possible. 

Some revolutions happen quickly, others take a time to reach a point where there is no alternative but to take action.  BB would certainly like to see the beginnings of a new, less partisan approach to British politics where the representatives of the electorate are chosen more equitably and not by the now arcane 'first past the post' mechanism.  To some extent this requires a new breed of political thinker, one who can, by conscience, vote on issues rather than being told by some overbearing whip what to do.  The two go hand in hand with revolution, one without the other serves little purpose other than to re-brand the old system of adversarial politics rather than bringing about consensual politics.   What we are seeing now with the TIG's and possibly the Brexit Party, is political skirmishing, new groupings searching for some common purpose (which needs to extend far beyond just that of Brexit), searching to create an identity and following, and searching - I hope - for an accord with the electorate that enables that wider national feeling to be expressed and implemented.  That would be a significant step forward in the application of democracy, but BB still wonders whether that is truly the course of these particular revolutionaries.

A brief comment on the ISIL bride saga.  What an infuriating tale this has become.   Bristling Brock fully upholds the Home Secretary's revocation of the Begum womans British citizenship.  She and her like should never, ever be allowed back into this country.  Their actions and continued opinions have forfeited that right, full stop.  We have, of course, that ultra-liberal brigade who think it is possible to re-educate such minded people and convert them back into good, British citizens.  Not a chance !  Our laws of treason are long overdue for overhaul and this is a classic case of treason in spades.   Toughen up Britain - we are not yet at that Utopian stage where we can be nice to everyone - right now we have unpleasant and dangerous people to contend with.  Keep her and her like out.

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