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To Bristling Brock there is one overpowering image of what Brexit and all its related sideshows has displayed.    A complete lack of passion from the government.

So what is old BB rambling on about ?   Brexit - as we all know - has dominated everything in Britain's political world since the referendum.  It has been the talking point, the focus of disagreements, the divider of political parties and it has, perhaps unwittingly, consumed most of the nations political thinking for over two and a half years.   The strangeness in this is pointed at the government, who, unilaterally decided to make the process of Brexit an entirely Conservative affair with a rejection of any cross-party involvement.   The consequences of that strategy are plain to see - an appalling Withdrawal Agreement, a capitulation from Day One about what Britain may or may not concede to the EU, an absence of any trade related terms in the political proposals, and, in a more global context, a humiliating display of appeasement that has diminished our world standing significantly.   The list could go on and on, but you get the picture....

Perhaps the key word in all of the above is "process".   That's what Brexit is to the government, no more than a sequence of stages to work through, a mechanistic approach that legally has to be fulfilled but about which there is absolutely no conviction, feeling for or sensitivity to by those involved in bringing it about.   Have you, for example, ever seen a government spokesperson talk enthusiastically about new opportunities, new ways in which the country could develop, the openings for new and emergent technological growth and trade in a post-Brexit Britain ?   The chances are that you haven't because the government does not actually want that to happen, rather it would wish to remain as closely aligned to the EU as legality will allow.   Why ?   By being aligned to EU rule and regulation it allows individual governments to abrogate responsibility to an anonymous and far away political entity.  If things don't look rosy then blame the rules and regulations we are obliged to follow - it cuts out a huge swathe of difficult decision making by the government and conveniently passes the buck into that Brussels bucket where there is no single structure to accept responsibility.  For Britain it is easy government, all it has to do is expand the ever growing network of quango's and agencies in the public sector to nominally keep a watching but entirely meaningless brief over the burgeoning volume of EU regulation - and that's what appeals to the government as it errs increasingly toward being a supra-liberal, softly, softly, mealy mouthed non-entity in the world.   Make no mistake.  The entire government strategy toward Brexit has been negative and blithely ignores the social mandate of the referendum.  The government have no desire or appetite for making Brexit a success (and, incidentally, neither do the Opposition) and will make the 'process' as painful as possible to cast doubt, fear, concern and uncertainty amongst the electorate and business so that the outcome will retain a golden path option to re-join the EU at some propitious future date.   If you are a Leaver, like BB, who believes in Britain evolving into being a more global, trade-linked, technologically advanced member of the world community and being responsible for its own decisions, legislation and judicial oversight then you are going to get screwed by this government (and don't imagine a Labour government would serve you any better - they would take you down a very dodgy Marxist road). 

The tragedy looming over the horizon is stark.  The EU as it is now is facing unprecedented revolt and breakdown.  With the EU's parliamentary elections due in May the prospect of the status quo being maintained is looking ever less likely, national identity is re-emerging across the Continent, the Euro is an under-performing and corrupted currency that has ruined the poorer economies of the club and as Trumpism forces changes in the NATO brotherhood the EU has nothing but grand yet unsupportable ideas of some European Army to defend it against increasingly belligerent neighbours.   Is that what we want to be aligned to in the future ?   It is one thing for those who believe in Remain to imagine that their world can continue, unchanged, as before and carry on happily ever after and another to actually recognise that nothing remains unchanged forever.  By the sheer process of geo-political dynamics it cannot.  The EU is facing an upheaval and force for change which may well see it diminish in structure, presence and influence over the next decade.  The EU that Remainers fondly visualise today is not sustainable.  As much as Leavers wish for political change in Britain there will also be political change necessary throughout Europe.  And to counter the accusation against Leavers that they don't know what a post-Brexit Britain will look like, the same accusation can be laid against Remainers - for they also surely do not know what a future EU is going to look like. 

At this stage of this mammoth 'process', with political opposition disorganised and weak and arriving far too late to achieve anything substantive, Brexit will follow the path that the PM and the EU has decided (be in no doubt that there is connivance between Downing Street and Brussels in all of this).  You may all hear different words from the mouths of government ministers but that is only Party mantra being uttered.  Yet the government should remember - those that are betrayed have long memories and when elections next come along, we shall see what happens then.... 

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