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Bristling Brock has let Brexit events unfold a bit since his last post.  Has there been any notable change in circumstances over Brexit ?  None whatever.  Has there been any improvement in our political and national positions since that last post ?  Quite the contrary.  In an amazing week of political partisanship we have seen both government and opposition bleat on with only one thought in their collective minds - political survival of their party’s.  The events of the last week are almost unprecedented unless you travel back around seven centuries and have demonstrated to the public at large what a completely useless structural and body politic the government and Parliament are when it comes to the nations wellbeing.

With defeat after defeat on the PM’s Withdrawal Bill (and a proposal to put exactly the same bill in front of Parliament again next week), a parliamentary rejection of no deal, a rejection of any deferment in order to facilitate a second referendum and with a looming vote tonight on potential extensions to Article 50 (which, we should not forget, also requires 27 other EU members to agree to) we are looking at two scenarios.  The first is that this is the culmination of a completely incompetent Brexit negotiation process by the government - and notably Mrs May - whilst the second is that this is the culmination of a very devious, partisan and possibly illegal game-plan that has been long engineered between Britain and the EU to thwart the very substance of Brexit and bring about a continued membership of the EU.

The latter sounds all very conspiracy-theory based, doesn’t it ?  But sit back, take a sip of wine and mull over what has been happening with Brexit these last few months and then factor in that the negotiations have been conducted by politicians who are predominantly Remainers, by a civil service that is predominantly pro-Remain and debated by a House of Commons that has a majority of Remainers making up its numbers.  We may wonder what has happened - a late start to even thinking about negotiation, a swift and ready concession to the EU on everything ranging from free movement to a £39 billion divorce settlement and a resultant Withdrawal Agreement drawn up by what looks to be Britain’s most incompetent PM ever and which from just about every angle still ties Britain to the EU in perpetuity.  It’s quite hard to see where ‘Leave means Leave’ figures in this.  There have been no voices from those empowered in these protracted negotiations in support of Brexit, the potential opportunities it would open for British industry, expansion and independence and the nations well-being in general; everything has been conducted from the negative, damage limitation viewpoint of the negotiators who have displayed a brazen contempt for the referendum verdict in the hope that engineering such an attrocious withdrawal proposal will blunt any national enthusiasm to leave the EU.  The tragedy of this is that their plan could work.

We all observe this farce before us, but we generally do nothing to challenge what the status quo are up to.  We gripe and grumble and we call politicians a variety of colourful names but we actually do nothing to display our anger or our disapproval of what they are doing.  By default we are letting the status quo and the establishment get away with bare faced murder.  Those that have supported Brexit and even those Remainers who have accepted the legality of Leave means Leave, remain passive in the face of the most abominable behaviour by a British government, a government that has deliberately tried to avoid the implementation of a legal, national mandate to leave the EU.  And they’ll potentially succeed in this unless those that stand for legality, for independence from unelected bureaucratic entities, for free choices that are geared to our nations benefit, for a wider, global involvement and for a judicial and executive governance that Is determined by our own national interest shout out in opposition to this train of events.

Many years ago, this country used to stand up and fight for what was right.  We didn’t always get it right, and sometimes we got it badly wrong, but we as a nation stood for doing things properly and by democratic process with good faith and intent.  We have lost that capacity in the last half century or more and it will be to our everlasting shame if we let the Brexit referendum be ‘murdered’ in the way we are now seeing.  And this is not solely just about Brexit.  If we have governance by those who would manipulate and deceive then we do not have democracy in any form.  We have the beginnings of anarchy.  A strong word, perhaps, but do we, the entire population of the UK, really trust those in power right now ?  Bristling Brock doesn’t know for sure but would hazard a guess that faith in politics, in governance and in political and social justice is at an all-time low throughout the country.  As a nation with a history that has travelled through over two millennia, this is a decisive point in our affairs.  Let us not, collectively now, allow a faithless government and establishment bespoil what we have striven to become.

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