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Well, here we on on the 29th March, 2019 with but a few hours to pass before we reach the designated time - in mandate and law - for Britain to exit the EU.   It isn't going to happen, of course, because our 'dedicated and Brexit passionate government' hasn't got all its ducks nicely lined up in a row.  Bristling Brock finds the vocabulary available in the English language quite insufficient on this occasion to describe what utter morons our government have turned out to be and what our parliament is following a close second to matching.  BB could invent suitable words, but what's the point ?   Our governance is in the hands of people who are bending over backwards to thwart the legal mandate of Brexit and no additional insults are going to penetrate their scaly skins.  They have a mission, a Messianic purpose to save the British people from their own ignorance and folly and save the country from a fate worse than death - Brexit.   In a Netflix movie that's a storyline that might have some traction, but in reality it is the exposed desperation of a clique trying to save its own skins.   

If history ever records these episodes accurately then future generations will see how Brexit across all its reasons for being supported by the electoral majority was utterly beytrayed by the very people who were mandated to make it happen.   Shame on the Brexit saboteurs, shame on the vapidness of our parliament, shame on those that could have made a difference but instead chose to join the throng of acceptance, and shame upon our government for the biggest social, economic and political betrayal in our democratic history.  If your names ever appear on a ballot paper again, may all the forces of reason, decency, honour and integrity ensure that you are never re-elected.

Rant over.   So what's next ?   We have, now that the third presentation of Mrs May's extraordinarily awful Withdrwal Agreement has been rejected, all manner of possibilities.  Let Bristling Brock comment on something akin to these first....

Mrs May has offered to step-aside (pundits take this to mean resignation ?) if her Withdrawal Agreement passes parliamentary voting.  That has failed for the third time.   Is her 'stepping-aside' only applicable to a successful vote on her agreement ?  What happens now - does she stay on as PM until the next election in 2022 ?  God forbid, but her statement is qualified to only reference success with her Withdrawal Agreement.  Without that success, must we presume she carries on ?  Her phraseology has been crafted to apply to a measure she already knew would fail - this is a PM who knows no bounds to duplicity and misrepresentation.  As things stand today, she has a basis for continuing as PM until 2022 unless events force a general election sooner.   Heavens, what will the Downing Street wannabees think of that !

In terms of Brexit, just about anything can happen now.  Second referendums, further extensions to Article 50, cancellation of Article 50, negotiations on Norway +, Canada +, customs unions and so-on, ad infinitum.  Theoretically, all this has to be proposed before 12th April and if any of them gain the blessing of the EU then an undisclosed further extension to the negotiation period may be decided upon.   This would, of course, then engulf Britain in another European parliamentary election in May which would - in politics land - signify to a degree - that Britain was willing to continue participating in the EU project.  Bristling Brock finds it extremely difficult to believe that this is anything but deliberate subterfuge by our government and the EU.  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you must, but can anyone out there rationalise this train of events more reasonably ?  Perhaps we have reached a position of such distrust over what this government is up to that the prospect of them doing something properly just isn't on the radar.  Nobody truly knows, of course, we can but speculate juicily upon what is going on....

Bristling Brock is immensely disappointed with Mr Johnson and Mr Rees-Mogg for capitulating to the support of the third reading of the Withdrawal Agreement.   Some of their motives are understandable, but taking the holistic view, there appears to be the presence of feint hearts.   And more feint hearts seem to populate the Downing Street wannabees - what a bunch of Conservative....Conservatives !  Party survival rules, OK !  


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