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Bristling Brock couldn't resist a gasp of exasperation at the declaration by the massed ranks of political Conservatism that their broad strategy remains the protection of Conservative Party infrastructure rather than the protection of British national interest.  Party before country yet again.  What is it that the Conservative Party don't get here ?  They are facing electortal wipe-out for a generation as the disaster of Brexit unfolds, but still they witter on about the survival of the Party as though that is something fundamental to our national psyche and constitutional make-up.  Let us be clear, the Conservative Part is not the foremost consideration in this dire Brexit saga, and, frankly, not so many as they imagine would shed a tear if the Tory species became extinct.  What is important is leadership from a cabinet that has this country's best interests at heart and that will include those of differing opinions but who, by the processes of rational debate will select thevery best choices for Britain from an impartial standpoint - not a partisan Party standpoint.

Horrific as the Brexit position has become, we are still imbued with this notion that our existing political party structures will continue.  There is no given in that - either historically or currently.  Party's may have been around for good number of years but there is no rule book that says they must endure forever.  We are in a period of immense change - at the heart of governance and amidst the population at large.   Politics and the awareness of political strategising has become very much a front-row sport these days and those politico's who yearn for continuity may well be surprised to find out that their careers may be somewhat shorter than they imagined.   Included in this venerable list are politicians in our day to day lives - I will not single out the PM as being a casualty of this new and fickle public behaviour (but she is top of the list) - and embrace both would be Brexiteers as well as ardent Remainers.  The desire for the change in the status quo must be pursued for it is palpably clear that our status quo actually have no idea what they are doing.

This is a short blog, today - but let us rid ourselves of the notion that politicians as they are, are an invaluable resource for us.  They are not.  We need change - and very soon.

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