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31st October, 2019 !!!   So, we are still in this damnable political institution, the EU with the prospect of the oh so convenient 'extension' mechanism offering a strong possibility that it will be used over and over to the point where Britain never actually leaves but remains to serve the  political convenience of the totally outdated two-party system that infests our great nation.

We also have the prospect of that infernal PM we have of 'hanging-on' in office in some misplaced sense of obligation to '...yet deliver the will of the British people - Brexit'.  Utter bunkum !  Nobody in their right minds believes Mrs May has the guile and wit to bring Brexit about satisfactorily but by the crafty use of an 'extension to Article 50' she has manoeuvred a state of play whereby she can continue in office (remember her earlier declaration: 'I will step aside before the next phase of negotiations' ?).  Well, we're still in the first phase, so the PM views this as a mandate to continue.  How crass can we British become when we have such self-serving politicians manipulating the course of events ???

Ranting apart, there are, of course, a variety of possibilities that may occur before 31st October, not least EU elections and the building pressures for a second referendum.  That Mrs May will undoubtedly try yet again to force her Withdrawal Agreement through parliament is an added given and - judging by current reactions - will fail for a fourth time and no doubt a fifth and a sixth.  It is a bad deal and nothing fundamentally changes that fact, be it the only deal on the table or not.  Mrs May has blindly convinced herself that she has negotiated a meaningful deal that will deliver the essence of Brexit and has resolutely turned away from acknowledging that there could be a better deal if only she would open her eyes and ears.  But she is not that sort of PM.  The concept of 'The Divine Right of Prime Ministers' rings in her ears.  She has been ordained, if not by God then by the nation, to be the one and only arbiter of what is good or bad in Brexit and,as an ardent Remainer herself, that is a highly skewed vision.  It is, of course, now too late from the EU's perspective to re-commence any negotiation so we British are damned whichever way this ill wind blows.  Add to that the parliamentary intransigence on removing the 'no-deal' option from consideration then we face the interminable prospect of almost permanent extensions whilst our ridiculous governance tries and tries to pass an unacceptable deal package.  The net effect of that is remaining within the EU, with MEP's, ECJ jurisdiction, Brussels oversight and continuing budgetary contributions.  So much for the vote to Leave the EU.

Bristling Brock is going to leave Brexit at this point for the time being and switch to the moral dilemma posed by the ISIL refugee camps in Syria.  Leaving the children element out of this for the moment, it strikes BB that most of these women still loathe and detest the West yet expect their former nations to accept them back, provide care and resource to them and have them live amongst the societies they and their partners have striven to destroy.   It may be that some - and BB stresses the word 'some' - were taken as ISIL brides by force and against their will.  They may have a legitimate case for repatriation.  But the majority are expressing hard-nosed hatred of their captors and of the forces that brought that loathsome caliphate down - but still holding out their hands for compassion and humanity.  This is where the children factor comes back in.  The children are indeed, innocents.  And they are suffering privations that no young child should have to.  So what might the solution be ?  Unsavoury parents with hatred in their hearts but with multiple children pose quite a dilemma.  That the parents, notably the mothers, are trying to use their children as some sort of bargaining chip to justify repatriation makes many in the West squirm with distaste - and rightly so.  But a solution for the children has to be worked out separately.  Admittedly, this means making orphans out of most of them but on face value it is hard to see what parenting skills or normality their parents might choose to offer - other than radicalisation.  Separating the children from these zealots may have to be the answer.  It is tough and seemingly brutal to do so - but do you want to have an ISIL zealot living in your neighbourhood and teaching their children the most Medieval practises and customs imaginable ?  BB suspects none of us want that whatever the moral pressure might be.

Trumpy is still causing chaos in Washington.  His declarations change with the wind but in spite of this he still commands a substantive following.   If nothing else it proves that politics is a strange bedfellow yet there must come a time soon when the strategies and policies of the electoral runners will need to be up in lights for all to see and judge.  In that sense, Trumpy has survived by virtue of an almost total lack of viable political rivalry.  That's almost as comparable to May and Corbyn on reflection....

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