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The Brexit crisis has entered a temporary period of relative quiet.  Behind the scenes, of course, there is frantic political activity geared toward Party political survival with the notion of a passable Withdrawal Agreement being entirely fiddled with purely to suit political ends - in other words an agreement that will pass parliamentary rubber stamping that could (and probably will) contain anything that facilitates this.  Damn the nation, for Heavens sake - Party politics is far bigger than that !

There's been much talk of democracy, the will of the people, forging a new future and much more political clap-trap surrounding the Brexit debate in recent months.   Much of it is worthless and insincere and if nothing else further underlines the distrust and sour taste that the political clubs of Westminster stir in the population.   And it is this element that has been underplayed.  Brexit started as a Yes/No choice in a referendum and has been bashed back and forth across the political tennis court ever since.  What it illustrates on a broader level is the thorough disrespect that the population have in the very processes of government and the associated political establishment.  Not only are the inhabitants of this political world regarded with disdain they are additionally regarded as being imbued with their own self-importance and vested interests and, above all else, wholly incompetent.  Now it is historically true that politicians of various hues have been subject to the popular critique of the press and other pundits for a long time, but in this present era we have probably the widest and most enfranchised public of all time making a common condemnation of the behaviour, standards, scruples, honesty, integrity and ability of a pretty substantial swathe of the political and establishment classes.  History doesn't record a comparable time like this at any point in our long affairs.

So, Brexit isn't just about Brexit.  The popular discontent is much wider than that alone.   Brexit may well be the pinnacle of that discontent's face but underlying that there is now an embedded sense that our governance, the very methodology of how order and process is delivered (and the very essence of our democracy) to the nation is rotten to the core.  And this antipathy spreads across all political positions - Tory, Labour, LibDem, Green, Nationalist and so on.  There isn't any voice from this camp that excites and stimulates the possibility that somebody knows what they are talking about - for political security of their personal and Party sinecures takes precedence.  This is not the way of 21st Century governance.  Something needs to change.  Something needs to become the core spirit of our nation once more.   Something needs to tectonically shift beneath our feet to make us view the future with confidence and without the absence of faith in our leadership.  Something needs to occur to bring about an equalisation of the bias that currently favours those with wealth and influence (for it uis patently clear that they have no interest in democracy).  That's a lot of 'something's' and it will require people of character, vision, belief and energy to rebuild the political and social landscape of this country.   If Great Britain has any resonance, then we must embrace change, uncertain as that may be at the outset.  Without courage we will constantly fail.

The ISIL bride, Shamima Begum, is to get British legal aid to challenge the revocation of her British citizenship.  Bristling Brock periodically (no, I'll amend that to frequently) wonders whether our government and politically correct obsessive establishment can ever make a judgement based on some morality and decency rather than in tune with the histrionics of minority factions who scream the loudest.   This woman chose her destiny and was party to a regime that perpetrated Medieval horrors around the world and has failed to recant her beliefs in the ISIL cause.   Just what is it about the British who now buckle at the knees and grant taxpayers money to fund her appeal.  This is not about being fair and reasonable it is about someone stripped of their citizenship for being complicit to crimes that should shock everyone having to fend for themselves without the namby-pamby British state suddenly getting a bout of the politically correct jitters and quavering at the thought of yet more criticism.  This woman is a criminal.  This woman is no longer a British subject.  What is it that the government don't get here ?

Bristling Brock smiled when he read a news report that Ivanka Trump was described by Trumpy himself as being 'very good with numbers' and therefore highly qualified to take over the reins of The World Bank (or alternatively, the United Nations).  He is allegedly quoted as saying that he hasn't used his influence in this matter because that would start comments of nepotism.   Wow !  Nepotism, eh...nobody ever imagined that was an issue in Washington these days, did they ?  The political news from the US never ceases to amaze ! 

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