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In this curious interregnum period of Brexit we are witnessing some theatrics.   We have legions of Tory's pitching their credentials to become leader; we have Labour not quite sure whether to push more for the upholding of the 2016 referendum result or go all-out for a second referendum; we have Change UK under the delightfully looking Heidi Allen but not much else other than a single minded desire to ensure Remainers win the day; we have the new Brexit Party only interested (so far) in the European elections; we have the SNP seeing a choice moment to initiate a second independence vote to separate from the UK's union in the hope that this will allow them to stay within the EU; and, finally, we have our blessed Conservative government - or should I say Theresa May specifically - approving a known yet dubious Chinese cyber tech company to become involved in our 5G network development.   What an extraordinary moment in time !

In the 'old' days, plots and schemes tended to be singular in their appearance.  Now we have entire volumes of plots, schemes and intrigues simultaneously marching over our political horizons.   And, naughty as it may seem, the truth of it is that all of these marching legions have been inspired by just one person.  Theresa May; also occasionally known as the Prime Minister of the UK and more frequently as the most disastrous person ever to lead this country.

It's easy to lay all the blame at Mrs May's door.   That's what good scapegoating requires.  The counter to that, of course, is that Mrs May has, singularly, brought all this upon the British population by her almost totally absent ability to communicate, by her embarrasingly poor judgement, by her arrogant belief in herself over everyone else, by her total lack of imagination, vision and understanding of events being displayed around her, by her dogged refusal to acknowledge that she's wilfully travelled this country down a dead-end road and, perhaps most significantly, by her complete blindness to the actual mood of the country.   Now if you can find additional epithets to attribute to our lack-lustre PM, please let Bristling Brock know - a compilation dictionary of insults (but nonetheless truths) is in the process of being compiled. 

Now, to address the actual title of this blog, later this week we have the local authority elections about to demonstrate the anihilation of the Conservatives in councils across the country.  That's not necessarily something to universally applaud (though there are some deserving cases for anihilation) as it will likely put Marxists and extremists in control of most of these local authorities.   The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea come to mind at this point.   Then, if the fourth passage of Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement gets trashed - as statisticians predict - then we'll have the European Parliament elections (something the Conservative government here are even more collywobbled about).   If we follow the numbers game down this trail, we'll also see the Conservatives squashed squashed against the back-wall of the Strasbourg assembly and the hopeful Labour contenders consigned to a shady spot underneath a large aspidistra plant.   Mr Farage's Brexit Party is likely to be the net winner of the British seats in this bizarre electoral process.  Why ?   Because the population is so brassed off with the conventions of the British political elite that they'll vote for anyone who represents a different ideological approach.   That's not to diminish the impact of Mr Farage.  The problem for the established party's is that Mr Farage is rather good at promoting British interests amidst the European political elite.  He's also quite good at forging a political position and acting upon it (where have we seen the antithesis of this quality over the last few years ?  I know !   Downing Street...).  And, to cap it all, he's got a personality, drive, passion, commitment and faith in Britain (again, Downing Street has represented the antithesis of this range of qualities - probably forever).  Do not underestimate the likely impact of the Brexit Party.  It may not be fully fledged yet and have more than a few rough corners and it may not be the party to eventually rule this country - but it could become the instrument of radical reform in our political system.  Not before time many might argue.

On Trumpy visiting the UK, what can be said ?  We should respect the position if not the man.   But it'll be an interesting sideshow to Brexit, won't it ?   

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