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The Huawei 5G leak scandal has found a scapegoat - or rather Mrs May has found one.  This is a most curious affair from where Bristling Brock sits.  The security of the National Security Council should be sacrosanct - nobody should really question that as an operating policy.  It is there, in part, to pre-discuss emerging security related issues that could impact upon the nations  best interests.  The contract award to any company that involves the new 5G network is most certainly one of them.  It appears that these contract matters were discussed by the NSC and that significant reservations were expressed about the involvement of a quasi-Chinese national organisation becoming involved.  Mrs May, exercising her usual impeccable judgement, decided to ignore these reservations and give the contract to Huawei.  

That the news of this award was leaked by someone to the media created two storms.  One, the legitimate one, was that any leak from an NSC forum was a clear breach of its operating policy of secrecy - even in today’s over publicised media environment there needs to be some discussion that is held in respect of that requirement.  An investigation into that would be entirely  appropriate.  However, the second storm was created by Mrs May (not above the accusation of ‘leaking’ herself) who instigated a witch-hunt to find the so called culprit.  As we now know, that bony finger was levelled at Gavin Williamson, rather quickly it might be said, and he was sacked on the spot.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of Mr Williamson’s involvement in this matter, what seems to be being overlooked entirely is the fact that the Prime Minister overruled all the objections voiced in the NSC about Huawei and arbitrarily awarded the 5G contract to them, albeit as a ‘non-core’ partner (whatever that may mean).  Why, may we ask, is there not some sort of inquiry as to why and how the PM could be allowed to ignore sage advice and follow the opposite path ?  Her decision was provocative and controversial.  Why ?

The ‘why’ might be simply explained.  It is a diversion, a smokescreen you might say to take the public eye off the Brexit chaos.  Other leaks from the Cabinet suggest that Mrs May has instructed all Conservative MP’s not to discuss Brexit - anywhere - so that it drops a little further to the edge of the radar screen in the public perception about what agitates them most.  5G is a good distraction as most people are now entirely reliant upon the existence of ever improving personal comms.  What the PM and her deranged advisers are suggested to believe is that if Brexit is pulled down the rankings as a debateable topic then the Conservative poll ratings will rise and their trashing at the local elections today will be less humiliating.   And to take that bizarre scenario further, such a lower public profile would allow the PM to re-present her dreadful Withdrawal Bill for a fourth time with much less hostility throughout the public arena (whilst the public bothered themselves over the vagaries of who might provide the next 5G network).  The expectation in government remains that this flawed agreement will eventually pass parliamentary approval in time to avoid the need to engage in the EU parliamentary elections.  BB thinks that’s somewhat expectational but it does reflect the conspiratorial mindset in government that prevails.  Party before nation is still their preoccupation.  If all this is the case, what a crass and dishonourable state our government has descended into.

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