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The European parliamentary elections are now just a few days away.   For us British, it is a strange moment in time as we envisage - possibly - a future political and sovereign life outside of this community.   Much has been said about the significance of the British vote - from all directions - but we need to take stock of the key factors that are likely to be influenced by whatever political outcome is achieved.

For the most part the elections are going to be viewed as a singular issue Brexit vote.  That is a big simplification of what is at stake.  Brexit in itself is, of course, of fundamental importance and many will see that as the only issue.  If, however, we see Brexit as a catalyst, the fountain head of a much wider desire amongst the British for a profound and meaningful change in the way our political system functions - and, more importantly, upon whose behalf it functions - then we have before us a much broader picture to consider.   

This blog has long argued for fundamental political change in the Westminster form of governance on the basis that it has become outdated, entirely partisan and imbued with a corruption and self interest that has as its core purpose only self preservation.  It has lost the purpose of governance in a sovereign state.  It has lost sight of its very constitutional obligation to serve all citizens with equality and consideration, it has lost its morality and its integrity in spades and put personal gain above that of the nation.  We might add that this embraces the entire Westminster establishment, its partners in vested interest and influence and in a significant bloc of the population who have an entrenched benefit accrueing from the continuance of this status quo. 

But governance is a dynamic that should consider all, not just those who are in the privileged position of wanting 'more of the same' in order to line their pockets better.   If we are honest, and fundamental change could be avoided, we would all opt for that because change means exactly that - 'CHANGE'.   And because change opens doors to a new way of doing things it also means that we, the electorate have to change our ways with it.  And nobody really likes change that presents a future which they cannot envisage clearly - that is inherent in human nature.  However, we are now faced with a stark choice.  If we decide not to bring change about then we will have a continuance of what we have.  Some of us would welcome that but this blog would suggest that the majority would not.  If we change, we most certainly enter a new and challenging phase of our national story - and make no mistake that what is politically on the cusp of happening now is a historically significant marker in our nations story - and it will throw up all manner of new and previously unexperienced situations that the whole country will have to collaboratively grapple with.  Change doesn't come easily, but if we fail to grasp this opportunity to show the direction this country wishes to travel in then the moment will pass and we will revert to the staid and corrupt nature of Westminster as it now is.  Bristling Brock does not believe that is the national wish, but recognises feint hearts amongst us are fragile and gullible to persuasion, so grasp the situation for what it really is and press the start button of a change process that will bring about a major political reform in our nation.  Voting for those that you have seen to be corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and disengenuous is no longer the answer.  Now is the time for grit to show through.  

This is a once in a generation opportunity to institute change that will ultimately benefit everyone in the country.  It'll be hard for a while, even dispiriting on occasions, but if you believe in the sovereign independence of the country that you were born to or adopted by, of a national spirit and willingness to succeed against all critics, widen the commitment to fairness and enterprise that benefits all, then this is the moment that the beginning of meaningful governmental change can begin.  It'll not be an over-night whizz-bang event, it'll be the beginning of a long process.   It'll be worth the wait.  

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