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The last few days of 'political chit-chat' have continued in their divisive tone and thrust.  Everyone in the bear pit is jockeying for position, to be heard and - most significantly - be seen to denigrate the other side of the argument over Brexit and its equally significant relationship to what we call democracy in this country.

Politicians have still not grasped the fundamental acceptance of respect for alternative views and beliefs; if the 'other' side preach such-and-such then they are clearly labelled as uninformed, bigoted or worse.  And this applies to all sides of this multi-faceted debate.  If we have no respect for alternative views, no matter how much we may disagree with them, then we are missing the point and purpose of trying to sustain democratic principles.  We'll never get to 100% democracy for our system just isn't built for that degree of openness as yet but we do need to uphold the basic tenets of belief and practise for what we do have.  Without it we are nothing but a rabble where anything becomes acceptable.

It is equally disappointing to hear old grandees offering their pearls of wisdom with, yet again, nothing other than vested interest and Party political advantage in mind.  Listening to Lord Heseltine this morning reinforced BB's view that those on the 'let's abandon Brexit altogether' platform have the most scathing and disrespectful view of those that populate the 'no deal' option for Brexit.  That isn't a vote winner Lord Heseltine, it's just a verification of your own entrenched and inflexible views - and it is that which this country needs to overcome for the future.  

So, to every politician engaged in this momentous debate on our future, Bristling Brock says: "Remember who put you where you are or where you propose to be; abuse, disrespect, forget or ignore them at your peril.  Push the public too far and they will react in ways that will teach you the lesson".


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