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Thus far President Trump seems to have kept a pretty low key tone during his UK visit.  That’s something of a surprise although he did reserve his best swipes for blasting Sadiq Khan (and BB goes along with Trumpy on that one) and Jeremy Corbyn (BB also goes along with Trumpy on that one as well).

It is, nevertheless, a painful and embarrassing sight to see our government fawning over every word uttered by Trumpy, egregiously applauding the ‘special relationship’ and surrounding it all with so much political obfuscation as to make their utterances both meaningless and facile.  The special relationship exists solely for the benefit of the US; it has no material significance that benefits Britain yet successive governments have bent over backwards to laud it and its importance to this country.  We should wise up.   Britain is at the crossroads of choice in which direction its politics and future governance will take.  It is a once in a generation position and provides the opportunity for those who would be king to lay out before the population a charter of values and principles against which they can be held accountable.  Britain has a heritage of being at the forefront of democratic evolution and it is fundamentally important that we nurture politicians who are genuine, honest, value driven and have the best interests of this country at heart.  Cynics will argue that it is an impossible demand because the political class have no morals, have no true values, have no scruples, have no interest other than in their own advancement.  In short, they are a breed that really should not be in government.  Yet we must strive for improvement against the odds and support those that offer at least a glimmer of hope in the future affairs of this country.  And in part, this means not bowing down before the President of the US and salivating at the prospect of licking his boots.  We are proud and dignified as a nation.  We may no longer be the world superpower we once were or the bastion of freedom and free speech - these things have passed by and we now need to generate a global position under the stewardship of a new breed of politician who does not have party interest at the front of the mind rather a national interest combined with national pride.  It’s a very difficult goal to achieve, nobody can doubt that, but unless we collectively push for that new breed to emerge and take the reins then we will slump back into that corrupted and inefficient form of governance that we have been subjected to for over half a century.  The crossroads is upon us.  Let’s be brave and enable a new and more vigorous governance to come about.



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