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The list to choose from is down to two - and what a saga of inept PR and procedure it has been to reach this rather uninspiring position.  Now, Boris and Jeremy have to pit their wits to gain the favour of a handful (by electoral standards) of Tory Party members.  The rest of us just have to endure the likely cringeing ordeal of seeing these last two playmates promising the world and committing to next to nothing.   Bristling Brock is dismayed that we have reverted to the inanities of the old political classes that inhabit Westminster; having seen Theresa May finally acknowledge that she couldn't carry the government forward on any platform whatever, we now have two less than confidence boosting candidates dithering about in almost identical fashion to Mrs May.   No policies, no commitments and no fresh ideas seem to describe the pair of them.  And to cap it all, they're both Tories.  Without a general election to sort this out properly, whoever wins this bizarre contest will find they have no firm mandate to promise or deliver anything.  Now BB is the first to admit that a general election right now raises the spectre of a marginal Labour win - and let's face it, nobody wants to see Jeremy Corbyn and his Byzantine acolytes running loose with the governance of this country.  So what should the Tories do ?  Without an election, we have a new prime minister voted in by a mere 160,000 Conservative Party members and a consequent wobbly platform upon which to legislate from (that's assuming the winner of the contest actually has any ideas to legislate upon); with an election we run the risk of Comrade Corbyn sitting in No.10 - a stark choice you might say and a choice that merely perpetuates the establishment and status quo with no reform in sight !  

The problem lies with our electoral mechanism - the much outdated 'first past the post' or FPTP protocol that dictates who wins a parliamentary seat, irrespective of how small a proportion of the votes cast that might entail.  If nothing else, if democracy means anything to the prospective new PM, then as a one-off gesture of commitment to parliamentary reform they should table a Bill for the Introduction of Proportional Representation.  Critics will argue that it would take months, if not years, to set such a system up - BB would disagree, feeling confident that the machinery for PP probably already exists within the closely guarded vaults of the civil service.  It's a matter of will, honesty and integrity by the new PM to be.  If change and reform that brings our parliamentary democracy into the 21st Century and beyond does not become the guiding theme of any new governance then the whole initiative created and opened up by the Brexit debate will have been lost for a generation.  BB is no advocate for the establishment and status quo as it stands today but without a prime minister that has the vision and courage to embrace necessary reform then this country will trundle on in the chaotic and blundering fashion of the last few decades.  Public confidence in politicians will remain as low as ever, public confidence in the probity and honesty of politicians will remain equally low and our nation will be all the worse for it.  If Britain wishes to slide into a second or dangerously third world position in world affairs and affluence then all its leaders have to do is sit back and watch it happen.  That's not a world BB wishes to see develop.

The saga of Mark Field grabbing a protester and physically marching her out of a venue has raised much debate.  Bristling Brock is on Mt Field's side in this.  Reacting to a potential threat, his actions were made spontaneously and in good faith.  You'll notice that not a solitary soul elsewhere made any move to become involved, so bravo, Mr Field.  On the spur of the moment you acted on instinct and for the wider good.  Protest is one thing but there are limits to what is acceptable in the current, brittle security climate and the red garbed environmentalist ladies went too far on this occasion.

Trumpy, as ever, is playing with fire again.  A US drone gets shot down over the Gulf, Iran being the automatic culprit fingered by this illiterate and knee-jerky president.  If the US have absolute evidence of this drone being over international waters then they should provide it and talk about the problem with the Iranians rather than sending a naval fleet to wreak a firestorm of destruction.   The US is all the more weakened by this display of instant retribution and then cancelling it at the last minute with the flimsy excuse that 'civilians might get killed'.  You bet, Mr President - you should have thought about that before mobilising the means to start WW3.  Who looks the bigger fool around the world, eh ? 

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