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The salacious gossip brigade are making a real meal out of Boris Johnson's spat with his girlfriend.  If we rule out political motivations - and that's a big leap of faith these days - then we are left with the perverse mindsets of folk who have nothing better to think about but trash gossip.  Last time I looked, Boris was a human being (unlike the Maybot) and possesses that eternal mix that includes all the frailties and strengths of the human species.   As a potential PM, Bristling Brock would far sooner have a candidate that exhibits the human condition rather than someone who uses some seedy political mask to hide his flaws.  The Boris bashing should stop, be that by the public or the avaricious media - for goodness sake, there are more important matters to be got on with. 

On political matters, however, Boris is being less than forthright in defining his future, potential policies - and Jeremy has found a streak of exploitative verve to take advantage and have a personal swipe at his opponent.  It would have been a breath of fresh air to find two candidates who didn't have to resort to personal attacks, but as this blog has recently commented, there is little evidence to show that this 'refreshing' of the Tory party is anything other than the same old political rat-bag of options, promises (awaiting to be broken) and declarations (that will never get fulfilled).  In short, nothing seems to be on the cards that would indicate a really fresh way of conducting politics in the Westminster circus arena.  BB must accept that the Brexit Party is probably not fully fledged as yet and has a limited capacity to engage in UK politics - but just think what all this hubbub of political gamesmanship might have looked like if they'd been ready to become the Kingmaker !   And Kingmaker they may yet be when the next general election is called.   Whoever becomes PM on 22nd July (heavens, why do we need to wait that long when there's stuff to be done ???) they will have no full mandate from the electorate to do anything substantive other than go through whatever motions with the EU there may be to reach the 31st October deadline for exiting.  Immediately beyond that date, the PM will need to consider holding a general election to try and win a party majority in the Commons - although the Tories have a somewhat poor record in trying to achieve this required status - and this is where we might see the erstwhile Kingmakers of the Brexit Party becoming the arbiters of government direction.  That'll be no bad thing in itself for if we desire a root and branch reform of our political structures there is no merit in having the same old gangs trying to bring it about (or, more likely, going through the pretence of bringing it about).  

Trumpy is preening and trying to look statesmanlike by declaring that it was his 'personal' decision not to attack Iran.  He is, of course, between a rock and a hard place, namely the hawks and doves of Washington's equally mendacious political tribes.  Probably few folk have any doubts that Iran is a provocative and broadly hostile player when it comes to their views of Western cultures and influence.  It could be argued that they have become that way as a result of sanctions imposed against them by our favourite gang leader, Trumpy the First - or, more colloquially, Donald the Mad.  International diplomacy requires people of extraordinary patience and vision, of style and manner and of their knowledge of whom they are dealing with.  It seems that there are few of these special individuals left within the Trump administration so we are left with the dangerous and spontaneous aggressions of the leaders on both sides of this gaping divide throwing barbs and rocks at each other.  Sooner or later, someone will throw the long shot, and then there'll be real trouble - for the whole world.


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