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Let me today approach the eternal Brexit debate from another angle.   

We've already had threats from Washington about Britain's intent to allow Huawei into our 5G network development (though Bristling Brock is dead against this for other reasons) which are blatently intended as a blunt declaration of future 'cooperation' being denied; we have the US now threatening Turkey that because they've chosen a Russian air-defence system there can be no sale of American F-35 aircraft to them (even though the US refused to sell them an air-defence system of their own) and that Europe, notably Britain, should back them in this squabble or suffer the further chance of trade deals being withdrawn or cancelled altogether.  This is American diplomacy at its richest: 'Do as we want, or else we'll penalise you'.  And you may wonder what this has to do with Brexit.   Quite a bit.

Let us consider what even just these two examples illustrate.   Britain will leave the EU in one form or another within the forseeable future.   Whether that's with a deal or not is not the immediate question here, rather it is the way our relationships with other foreign states develop and the tone of those relationships.  With the US - and remember how so many of our establishment imagine we have a special relationship with them - we are being bullied.   Let's not be unequivocal about this, we are being bullied by the US to act as its puppet and do as it bids for the benefit of Trumps 'America First' policy.  Whilst looking after your own as a priority has clear merits, achieving this by bullying smaller partners and dangling carrots that can be swiftly snatched away is not a satisfactory basis for Britain to move forward with.  We may not be as economically or militarily as strong as the US but we have a sovereignty and agenda of our own that should not be dictated by or even influenced by the US.   There is nothing wrong with having friendly relations with any country, but being friends doesn't mean we should dip and bow to every spasm of pique that they may throw our way.  The last 3+ years have shown how Britain has bent its knee to the EU, giving, giving, giving all along the way for nothing in return.  Friendship and trade require reciprocity and this country needs to toughen its positions against a world that views us currently as being spineless and manipulable - be that with the EU, the US, Russia or anyone else.  We are the founders of modern democracy (such as it is), we are the architects of modern diplomacy and international relations (not always conducted as we would wish, perhaps) and we are the secret envy of those that aspire to our standards and behaviours.   All BB asks is that we reject bullying, we reject fawning, we reject threats and insults and start behaving like the proud nation we are and ensuring that we position ourselves with dignity and authority with those around us who now believe we are a walk-over.   If Brexit achieves nothing else, these alone should be worth the tortuous effort of it all.

And what about Johnson and Hunt ?  What about Project Fear Mk 3 or is it even Mk 4 now ?  For the most part the majority of us have no influence over the Johnson/Hunt scrapping, juvenile and unconvincing as it all is, so we will get what the Tory Party votes for.  But we must hope they make the right choice or else we'll quickly slide into a General Election where the threat of a Corbyn win (though BB concedes that Corbyn per se is fast losing personal gravitas and ground amongst his sycophantic tribe) may just possibly occur.   What Britain is implacably faced with is continuing uncertainty and a disturbing amount of visible chaos - which has clear and damaging ramifications for industry, society and our international standing - which not a single soul in Westminster is addressing - rather it is still being stoked into further division by No.10.  The Brexit saga is being whipped into a frenzy of distrust by the establishment institutions of the Bank of England, former PM's, lobbyists, the civil service, the BBC and trades union vested interests - not least by the CBI - to effectively destroy the process of Brexit and gain the ground that they purport to be the 'right ground' for this country, ergo, remaining in the EU.  Whether this is civil war by other means, we may ask the question.  It's certainly not a far off description of events as they currently stand.

The arguments for and against Brexit will carry on unless we acquire a Prime Minister with the gumption, courage and belief to bring it to a speedy conclusion to the national advantage.   Civil war is wholly destructive, completely unproductive and delivers no winners - everyone becomes a loser.  Britain's future depends upon having a strong, unwavering and committed leadership and that only comes from an inner confidence about what we are and where we're going as a nation state.   Right now, the stakes are high, the job incalculably difficult and the opposition formidable.  For us, the wider population, we can only hope that the right champion wins and acts soon and concludes the Brexit paralysis with defined, clean blows.  Carrying on as we are is not an option.

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