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"I'll put Jeremy Corbyn in a cab to Buckingham Palace and tell him to demand a dissolution of the government !" - or words to that effect.  So declares John McDonnell, now blatently showing his true colours as a Marxist radical and also flagging up that Corbyn is no more than just the puppet figurehead within the Labour Party.   Power is everything; power is the key to the political ambition of these people; as for the greater good, forget that.   The public and the electorate are merely the pawns on the chessboard to service the inflated ambitions of this increasingly ultra left wing political entity.  To take the balanced view, it would likely be true of the right wing and even centreist political party's also, where power and influence and the feeding of ego's takes precedence over doing the right thing for the country.

Britain is, perhaps, at its most critical constitutional point since the Civil War era of three and a half centuries ago.  That we don't have a written and unequivocal constitution means that political influencers can make interpretations, often through the judiciary, of what it both means and what it might limit.   This makes for very lively 'interpretive politics' as Mr McDonnell seems to imagine that he can despatch his 'party leader' to see the Queen in the event of a government no confidence ballot and put his own tribe up for forming the next government.  Not only is this dillusional but it is also extremely unhealthy - politically - to posture in a way that suggests a new Labour administration - unelected as it would be - could just whip the reins from the hands of the incumbent government and start exercising power and authority over the country.   Even our unwritten constitution would recognise that as a coup d'etat meriting an immediate arrest for treason by the perpetrators.  Such is the short-sightedness and lack of perception that the McDonnell's of this world show.  Yet it nevertheless poses danger, for the constitution - in its relative ambiguity - would permit such a pre-emptive, first move to try and dissolve parliament and initiate the fervour of certain allied political groupings (the scary SNP and LibDems, for example) before being thwarted by a judicial process.  Such an attempt would be most damaging to this country at a time whilst Brexit is still in play as a key political dynamic in establishing Britain's future global, political and economic position.  Only the EU would be smiling in that event.

The added danger of such a coup succeeding is, of course, its singularity of purpose - Brexit.   The pretenders have no other policies that could feasibly work and a team of aspirants who would both make us the laughing stock of the world and ruin us all in one swift manoeuvre.  The whole motivation of the Labour Party and its proposed coalition supporters is destructive - kill Brexit, kill the Conservative government, kill the Union and essentially kill off anything else that stands in the way of political ambition.   All of those, collectively, would kill the country.  That is not to say the Conservatives are paragons of virtue or wonderful in governance - they are not - but the alternatives are worse, driven by that obsessive belief that remaining in the EU is the only way forward.  And BB uses the word 'obsessive' slightly tongue in cheek, for with the exception of the SNP, both Labour and its allies in this potential coup have switched from positions of honouring the referendum mandate to positions of being very happy to ignore it and cast it down in order to get their own political way.   This is not a sign of good governance, it is not a sign of truly dedicated public service, it is not a sign of professional and decent conduct, it is not a sign of any recognition of Britain's constitutional flexibility rather it is a complete dismissal of constitutional restraint.  In short, it's a seriously bad notion to believe or promote treason and governmental overthrow - unless you believe in dictatorship.  And the last time that happened, we had a civil war.

If Brexit is the mountain to climb - for Leavers and Remainers - then it needs all sides of the debate to pull together.  If the legality of Brexit is unquestionable (BB is unaware of any other legal position having been established) then the country as a whole needs to grasp the opportunity and achieve common purpose.  Constant rebellion will only prolong the inevitable.  Britain needs to get on with its affairs now - not be constantly distracted by the ambitions of politicians, who, let's face it, have not shown themselves to be a particularly worthy species across the board.

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