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Just a quick one one today about Labour's opposition to the repeal bill, and notably on the NI border issue.

My message to Labour detractors, who seem to imagine the repeal bill is more to do with giving the government some dictatorial powers than ensuring the continuing legality of our affairs post-Brexit, is this: 'Grow up, get real and stop being political chess players.   This isn't about power plays, it's about the future of our nation state.  Join the debate constructively or keep quiet - your inane accusations of political intrigue are nothing more than noise making.   Let everyone get on with their jogs.   There's a lot at stake.

Us On a local level, Cheshire East Council is being publicly held to account about the probity and even the legality of its most recent planning decisions.   A vigorous action group (of which I am not a member) has challenged the council over the basis of its planning decisions and the negative outcomes that have occurred as a result of those decisions.   No doubt Cheshire East will deliver nicely crafted political denials and hope to steer clear of further scrutiny but all power to the action group.  It's about time to expose these faceless bureaucrats as the poor servants of the community that they are.  Bravo !



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