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Have we become a nation of bandits ?  The goings on in the political world would suggest we have.  Measures of convenience over legality and common purpose seem to have risen to the fore of the eternal Brexit debate.  That’s partly down to our somewhat imprecise constitutional framework but it is also due to downright political chicanery, the manipulation of rules - and indeed the Rule of Law itself - to produce barriers and legal arguments upheld by barrack room lawyers in the pay of those who wish a particular outcome to be dominant.  In this, those that would Remain in the debate are winning the day with the most spurious and constructed ‘legal’ positions imaginable.  Their objective, of course, is for Brexit to be abandoned altogether, an outcome they are adroitly steering this country toward by the base manipulation of arcane and interpretable law.  In the midst of this unpleasant theatre we have the sub-theatrics of the Labour leader wishing nothing else than to become Prime Minister.  The national good has nothing to do with Labour objectives - seizing political power does.  And if that should happen, we will have the Marxist puppeteers of McDonnell, McKluskey, Starmer and company becoming the real movers and shakers of such a government.  At that point we really will have cooked our goose.

What strikes Bristling Brock is the fierce determination of those that would remain in the EU to override a parliament approved and sanctioned referendum result, to crassly manipulate parliament into some feral tool to bring about blockages and contrived hurdles in order to - as they portray it - uphold democracy.  There has been absolutely nothing democratic in the actions of the saboteurs in the Remain camp, there has been nothing democratic in the behaviour of parliament and there has been the most disingenuous display of raw ambition by the Opposition in their quest for power.  All in all, the theatre of all this has been both unbelievable and shocking to see; a complete subjugation of proper parliamentary process by trumped up legal positions drawn up by lawyers who have a vested interest in suspending disbelief to the point where they don’t even themselves recognise the distinctions between that which is right and proper and that which is distinctly not.  Bandits truly have taken over our parliament.

By contrast, the Leave camp have been less than active.  Once described as the ignorant, old and uneducated of the north, they have receded into quite a passive position since Mr Johnson became PM.  Why that should be is curious for they have everything to fight for in ensuring we leave the EU on 31st October.  That is all now very much compromised with ‘no deal’ likely to be ‘legally’ off the agenda and therefore the prospect of the EU negotiating further much reduced.  In fact now, the EU can sit back and draw up the most penal of trade arrangements with the UK because it knows that the British have signed up to their own death-wish by permitting parliament to rule over governance.  And let us not forget that the Withdrawal Agreement has nothing to do with trade.  That part hasn’t even been broached yet and will become a long drawn-out saga that has but one beneficiary - the EU.  So, what our saboteurs and parliament have succeeded in doing is handing our last golden egg to the EU on a platter.  And they will enjoy mightily in cooking it to a crisp.  Bandits all.  Fools we are.

Reflect a moment on what history will make of a once proud nation destroying itself politically, institutionally and socially.  It rings a bell or two doesn’t it ?  Ancient Greece, Persia, Egypt, Rome, Byzantium and so on...the historical list is a list of precedents that is beginning to embrace Britain within its grasp.  If we follow the rebellious course set by parliament and those that wish to destroy Brexit then we will almost certainly add to that historical list of lost empires and national identity.  Brexit is not, however, about preserving an old empire, it is about fulfilling the will of the people of a nation state, a will determined properly in law and precedent and completely within the spirit of the Rule of Law.  It is also about regeneration, an opportunity to remould ourselves as a globalist nation rather than being ruled by the petty ambitions of federalists who operate to a different agenda.  Brexit is the opportunity to embrace that change.  Unfortunately, those that would never climb out of their comfort zone have gone sulky and provocatively obstructive.

We are on the cusp of lawlessness - state lawlessness - the very first step to that anarchic dissolution of the very stuff of our nation, the very stuff of which this nation has been made from this last thousand years or more.  Once gone, it will be gone forever.  Is that really what we - the wider population - want for our country ?  Bristling Brock would hope not, but right now the bandits and the radicals are winning the game.  BB most fervently hopes that Mr Johnson still has a few arrows left in his quiver - for now is very much his ‘do or die’ moment.


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