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The death of democracy in Britain has been declared today by the Supreme Court.   Every sinew of moral and logical right has been trounced by the intervention of the judiciary into the political arena.

When considering the parliamentary antics of the last three years we have seen a progression of rule bending and downright rule breaking by those who would wish to see Brexit abandoned.  The Remain camp have successfully manoeuvred the law to say what they want it to say and have ignored the endless breaches of faith and integrity that they have heaped upon this country.  Shame.  What crass, opinionated and righteous zealots we have amongst us that could successfully shift the underlying democratic spirit of this nation and drag the law by its ears into the murky arm twisted position it has now adopted.  Utter shame.  Shame on those who should have upheld the Rule of Law and the very essence of our democratic constitutional principles.  Shame upon you.

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